Sunday, April 19, 2009

18 Months

My dearest Rylie,
You're growing so much everyday. I cant believe it's been 18 months today since I gave birth to you. You've brought so much joy to your Daddy & me, as well as many others! You're definitely an angel sent directly from heaven & I still wonder how I could deserve someone as amazing as you to have as my daughter. I absolutely melt when I see your smile or hear your laugh & when you say "Mamma" to me, my whole world comes to a stop. Who knew so much joy could come from one tiny person? You never cease to amaze me. You've got your own personality & I love watching you learn & explore new things every day.
My little sweet toddler Rylie, as you move closer towards the age of 2, please remember how much Mommy & Daddy love you. Please remember how we would do anything for you. Please remember that we only want you to be happy & safe. Please go easy on us!
I love you more than words could even explain, little Princess! I wish you would stop growing but I do look forward to having many more fun adventures raising you! Today you're 18 months old....and heres to the next 18 years & more!
Lots of Love,

Rylie's accomplishments since her 1st birthday.....

-Points to her eyes, ears, nose, knees, feet, & belly button on request
-Says only a few words, but knows what most things are
-Brings us things on request
-We're still working on her feeding herself with utensils. She's quite messy & with Mommy being so OCD, I'm not good about letting her practice as much.

-Signs for "more"
-Started walking right before 16 months & became full-time at it & running a few weeks later.
-Points to herself when asked "Who's Rylie?"
-She'll wave her arms in the air when you ask her to "hail a taxi" (all Daddy on that one! lol)
-She gets herself on & off her riding toys & can now push herself on her 4 wheeler forward & back by herself
-Has just started to blow her own nose when handed a tissue

-Can take her clothes off herself lol
-Can put socks & shoes on herself....sometime she'll have 2 socks on one foot & her shoes are almost never on the right feet, but she's got the idea!
-Tries to put her other clothes on....pants end up on her arms though lol
-Climbs on & off furniture herself
-Discovered she has a love for chocolate (just like Mommy hehe)
-Is obsessed with shoes! She doesnt like wearing her own usually but when Mommy's & Daddy's are lying around, she's always putting them on & Easter afternoon was walking around in Mommy's heels! (Yeah, didnt have the camera handy for that one! Darnit!)

I'm sure there's more but I never can remember them all when I type these! Here's more 18 month pictures from today...

She visits her pediatrician tomorrow for shots & growth info so I'll post that tomorrow!


Becca - said...

Oh, the pictures turned out great!! Love the little 18 month card you made. So cute!!

grandma said...

Your letter to Rylie had me in tears. I know she'll treasure it later.