Monday, April 20, 2009

18 month doctor visit

Today Rylie had her 18 month well checkup. She came in at the exact same weight & height she had at 15/16 mos old- 22.1 lbs & 31 1/2 in long. Her pediatrician isnt too concerned right now about that but wants us to go back in 3 months for a weight checkup. She also did agree with us that now's a good time to introduce the potty! Thankfully she got no shots today!

When we got home from the doctor's she played on her slide for a little while. She climbed up it the correct way all by herself for the 1st time today! Here's a little video clip of her sliding down it-she loves this thing!

Also there's a correction to her 18 month post-she didnt start walking at 17 months. It was actually right before turning 16 months old.

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Courtney said...

Yeah I wouldn't stress about the lack of weight gain either. I'm sure its because she started walking since the last Dr's visit and she is using a lot more energy.