Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bubble bath!

So Santa brought Rylie some bubble bath in her stocking for Christmas.....SIX MONTHS AGO and we figured now was as good a time as any to finally use it!

Sitting down...not quite sure what to think yet

"'s on my hands..."

"And my foot!!"

"I'm liking this bubble stuff!"

"Why was I never shown this stuff before?!"

This bath post was brought to you in part by "Sesame Street Bubble Bath-Wet Wild Watermelon"


I gave Rylie a "real" pedicure yesterday (or at least better than her last toe-nail-painting). She just sat in her highchair munching on crackers while Mommy clipped them & filed them nicely & painted them a pretty pink-that you can actually see! She kept lookin up every once in awhile to see how they were looking. They turned out great, but I'm honestly not sure I like them painted anymore. All of a sudden they look "big girl" & she's still my baby! See for yourself...

She now points to "toes" separately from "foot"

Pretty nails!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spoke too soon...

Well, we thought Rylie was all better, but unfortunately she started all over again last night with vomiting & diarrhea. Mommy & Daddy are so stressed over how she can be acting her normal self & then all of a sudden get so sick again. I took her to the dr this morning & he said she's just got a bad stomach bug. We've gotta stay on the B.R.A.T. diet & Pedialyte (no dairy) for another 48 hours. Please pray she gets over this soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Normal

My little Rylie has been awesome today-back to her old self! She's gotten her appetite back, her color, her happy little smile! We're so relieved this only turned into a 24 hour thing & wasnt the rotavirus afterall. Little Jaiden had it (at least were pretty sure it was that) a few months ago & I saw them struggle with it for 9 days so we're very thankful & blessed it didnt last that long with Rylie! Her & I have just been staying inside today catching up on laundry & cleaning. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get to leave the house, but still gonna stay away from other kiddos for one more day. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts & prayers!

All smiles today feeling better!
(Look, Grandma! I can finally fit in this outfit you gave me!)

She looks much better today than yesterday-here watching Sesame Street in bed =(

And her new sneakers she tried out today that Mommy & Daddy got her last weekend!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Rylie is feeling better this evening. I'm sorry I am just now getting to my emails/other messages & didnt have time earlier to go further into detail but Rylie got very sick last night. Long story short she wouldnt stop throwing up & also had very bad diarrhea (too much info?) It was a very rough night for the 3 of us. She would get sick, we'd throw everything in the wash, clean her up, brush her teeth & put her back down in her pack 'n play next to our bed. Just as she would be getting to sleep, she'd get sick again. This repeated until very early this morning. I think we did about 7 loads of laundry alone last night from her being sick. It was an awful cycle & so heartbreaking seeing your little one suffering with nothing you can really do for her. Finally very early this morning she stopped throwing up & actually got to sleep. I could not sleep though, worried if I did then I'd miss her getting sick. Today I tried feeding her the B.R.A.T. diet recommended by her doctor, whom I also was on the phone with late last night getting instructions from. Rylie didnt seem too interested in eating though. She did stop throwing up, but still had the bad diarrhea & lemme just warn you ahead of time-graphic description! Her diapers werent able to hold it in because it was so runny, SO more laundry & a further upset baby girl. This afternoon David came home early & let me get some much-needed rest. Rylie finally took herself a nap as well & once we woke her from it this evening, she has been acting much better! She's stopped with the diarrhea now as well, but still didnt want to eat anything but a banana half. She went to sleep tonight without a fight so hopefully by tomorrow she'll be back to her old self. I'm still going to keep her quarantined for a few more days though just to be safe. The doctor said once she's gone 24 hours without vomit or diarrhea, she can go back to eating her normal foods & drinking milk. We still dont know what it is exactly that she had. We thought from the start it might be rotavirus because she's had the same symptoms, but with this quick recovery, we're thinking it was probably more a stomach bug or something bad she ate. We'll keep yall updated with how she's doing tomorrow! Thank you everyone who prayed for her! We really appreciate it!

Please Pray

Rylie's very sick. It's been a very long night & she's not doing good right now. David is coming home from work to give me a little relief. We're desperate for prayers right now.....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Girl Kindermusik

Today Rylie visited the big kids class that she will move up to after this session ends. We had one makeup class so we decided to use it to visit this older group & see if Rylie is ready to move up. She is more than ready! That girl had so much fun today! It new toys, new music, and some familiar faces since her neighbor friends Raegan & Jaiden are in there (and Jaiden is also in our regular class as well too). Cant wait to start this age group in this Summer's session! Here's some pictures of our big girl today!

Laughing with Raegan's Daddy

"Is Mommy watching me? I'm about to get into mischief!"

Playing her instrument she picked out

Me & my toddler!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rough & Tumble

Remember Rylie's 1st booboo? Well, I've since gotten her some pretty My Little Pony bandaids! Lately she's been needing them a lot! She keeps falling down & scraping her little knees all the time. Little girl scraped her leg up in 3 places tonight just from walking up & down our sidewalk. She was very intrigued by her bandaids tonight & kept showing us her booboos.

Lunch with Kendall

Here are the pictures of Rylie & Kendall at lunch today. Silly girls!

They were blowing bubbles!

Rylie closeup blowing bubbles (aka spitting-I'm trying to break her of this! lol)

I think they were ready to go....

"Can we please go outside?"

I think they're definitely ready for swimming too! We got our pool passes the other day for our community pool. Can you believe it's already 90 degrees in April?!

Kitty Goes To Lunch

Miss Hollywood here dug these outta her diaper bag & carried them around/wore them all morning!

We met our friends Becca & Kendall for lunch again today. Rylie brought Kitty along too! I took some cute pictures of her & Kitty while we waited for Becca & Kendall to arrive...

"Yay! Kitty likes going to lunch too!"

"What should Kitty order?

"I love my Kitty!"

"I see Kendall!"

I didnt get any pictures of our girls together but Becca did so once she sends them to me or posts to her blog I'll post them on here!

Out to dinner

"Hmm....what should I get?"

Lollipop Lollipop

Rylie had her 1st lollipop on Tuesday after Kindermusik. She was under very close supervision of course since it was one of those little dum dums. Seems she enjoyed it though!

Giddy Up Kindermusik!

I didnt get any good pictures from this past Tuesday's Kindermusik class. We did the same stuff we've been doing so I didnt need any repeat pictures anyways. Towards the end of class, however, the kiddos each got their own little stick horsy to run around with! I got a little video clip of Rylie but once I started recording, she just stood there. lol Aint her wittle horsy cute though? I've gotta find one of these for her to own!

Monday, April 20, 2009

18 month doctor visit

Today Rylie had her 18 month well checkup. She came in at the exact same weight & height she had at 15/16 mos old- 22.1 lbs & 31 1/2 in long. Her pediatrician isnt too concerned right now about that but wants us to go back in 3 months for a weight checkup. She also did agree with us that now's a good time to introduce the potty! Thankfully she got no shots today!

When we got home from the doctor's she played on her slide for a little while. She climbed up it the correct way all by herself for the 1st time today! Here's a little video clip of her sliding down it-she loves this thing!

Also there's a correction to her 18 month post-she didnt start walking at 17 months. It was actually right before turning 16 months old.

Already prepared

Yes, we went ahead & got her a little training potty while grocery shopping yesterday. We also went ahead & got her some big-girl underwear. We are in no way rushing her into potty-training. We are just going to start introducing it to her. I know this will be one of the biggest, most stressful stages we'll be at with her & I know it will take some time. I remember working in the nursery back in Waco in the 2 year old room & seeing parents stress over this so much & some kids taking awhile to get it down fully. I also know some kids still wet the bed when they're 5, so this may very well be something we'll be dealing with for years to come. We also know our child better than anyone & we do think now is a good time to just introduce this to her & get her used to the idea that over the next year this is what she'll be moving to.
If anybody has any polite tips or suggestions of things they've tried, feel free to post them!

Lovely day for driving

After all the rain on Friday & Saturday, it was perfect weather on Sunday for Rylie to take her car out for a spin!

Peter Pan Syndrome?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

18 Months

My dearest Rylie,
You're growing so much everyday. I cant believe it's been 18 months today since I gave birth to you. You've brought so much joy to your Daddy & me, as well as many others! You're definitely an angel sent directly from heaven & I still wonder how I could deserve someone as amazing as you to have as my daughter. I absolutely melt when I see your smile or hear your laugh & when you say "Mamma" to me, my whole world comes to a stop. Who knew so much joy could come from one tiny person? You never cease to amaze me. You've got your own personality & I love watching you learn & explore new things every day.
My little sweet toddler Rylie, as you move closer towards the age of 2, please remember how much Mommy & Daddy love you. Please remember how we would do anything for you. Please remember that we only want you to be happy & safe. Please go easy on us!
I love you more than words could even explain, little Princess! I wish you would stop growing but I do look forward to having many more fun adventures raising you! Today you're 18 months old....and heres to the next 18 years & more!
Lots of Love,

Rylie's accomplishments since her 1st birthday.....

-Points to her eyes, ears, nose, knees, feet, & belly button on request
-Says only a few words, but knows what most things are
-Brings us things on request
-We're still working on her feeding herself with utensils. She's quite messy & with Mommy being so OCD, I'm not good about letting her practice as much.

-Signs for "more"
-Started walking right before 16 months & became full-time at it & running a few weeks later.
-Points to herself when asked "Who's Rylie?"
-She'll wave her arms in the air when you ask her to "hail a taxi" (all Daddy on that one! lol)
-She gets herself on & off her riding toys & can now push herself on her 4 wheeler forward & back by herself
-Has just started to blow her own nose when handed a tissue

-Can take her clothes off herself lol
-Can put socks & shoes on herself....sometime she'll have 2 socks on one foot & her shoes are almost never on the right feet, but she's got the idea!
-Tries to put her other clothes on....pants end up on her arms though lol
-Climbs on & off furniture herself
-Discovered she has a love for chocolate (just like Mommy hehe)
-Is obsessed with shoes! She doesnt like wearing her own usually but when Mommy's & Daddy's are lying around, she's always putting them on & Easter afternoon was walking around in Mommy's heels! (Yeah, didnt have the camera handy for that one! Darnit!)

I'm sure there's more but I never can remember them all when I type these! Here's more 18 month pictures from today...

She visits her pediatrician tomorrow for shots & growth info so I'll post that tomorrow!


Friday afternoon we had our 1st storm of the season. We had expected it to rain all day but it didnt actually reach us until about 4pm. Rylie was napping & the thunder actually woke her up. She has always slept through storms in the past. I tried to get her to lay in my bed with me & see if she would nap more because she hadnt gotten much nap in, but she was too wound up & fascinated by the storm!

"I gots my blankie & Kitty! I aint skeered of no storm!"

"Its ok Kitty. Dont be scared."

"Look at the rain Kitty!"

" it's gettin scary out there!"

It stopped raining for a few hours & then came back in the middle of the night. We had some very small hail, but it was kinda loud & woke Rylie up again. Poor thing took quite awhile to calm down & get back to sleep. Like I said she's always slept through them before & is a very heavy sleeper anyways, but Friday they were keeping her up! Hopefully this isnt a "stage" Rylie will be in this year of being scared of the storms.
By the way, once we turned her air purifier back on-no more runny nose or cough!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rylie & Malia Videos

So Best Buy told us it would cost $1500 to fix our external hard drive & get all our videos & pictures off of it. This isnt something we can do right now so we are going to start all over on all the video projects we have lately (main thing is our cousins wedding video & it wont take long!) Luckily though 2 of those projects had copies saved on our desktop computer since they were small enough. Here's Rylie's swinging video from February & Malia's homecoming video from last September!

This one makes me tear up & get goosebumps every time I watch it & I've already seen it 1000 times!

(The videos show up very small here & are much better quality on our You Tube-linked under Our Videos on the sidebar)

On a side note, Rylie's not being herself today. We turned off her air purifier in her room 2 days ago to get it cleaned & change the filter & since then she's had a runny nose. Today she has also had a slight congested cough & has been very clingy. Hopefully she's not really getting sick & it really is just a change of air in her room, but we're getting her purifier back up & running today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She's Gone Bananas!

Ok seriously Rylie has this obsession with bananas! They're her favorite thing to eat! She eats 1/2 of one every morning with her breakfast. This morning I fed her the usual 1/2 a banana & then ate the other half, which I sometimes do. She was not liking that idea today! She flipped out! I think she thought I was eating "her" banana or something because this is what I saw for the next few minutes....

"My banana!"

Ohhh the beginning stages of "terrible 2's". And before I get 10 emails about how horrible I am for taking pictures of Rylie while she was crying or eating something in front of her she couldnt have, lemme just state she seriously had nothing wrong with her. She had pancakes on her highchair tray that she just wanted to throw on the floor. She & I always eat breakfast together every morning & I dont want her getting the idea that she can throw a tantrum to get things she wants. Plus too much banana....well we all know what that can do to ya! =)