Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Videos updated & some awaiting

I finally got caught up on uploading our videos to our You Tube (linked on the sidebar under Our Videos). They're all of Rylie's videos that have been featured on the blog before & just a quick link to them instead of searching all over if you wanted to go back to any.
On a side note, I've also got 3 other videos that were editing in our video system because they're bigger stuff like Rylie swinging at the park, Malia's homecoming from back in Sept, AND my cousins wedding from Oct. They were saved on our extended hard drive & were just completed & getting ready to export to DVD when our computer would no longer connect things by USB. So we took our hard drive into Best Buy Geek Squad & after waiting to get it back we've just been told they'll have to ship it out to have it fixed because apparently the hard drive is in bad condition. =( Hopefully they'll get it fixed & we wont have to redo everything! I know Vince & Mary have been waiting for that video of bringing their daughter home & my cousin's waiting to see their wedding! Sorry for the delay! We're going to speak with Geek Squad again tomorrow to see how soon we'll get our drive back. =( It also had all of our family pictures on it 2007 on back, including all of Rylie's newborn pictures. Please PLEASE tell me they can fix it!!!

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