Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swim Class-Week 3

We returned back to swimming this week after Spring Break last week! On Monday Rylie was extra excited that Kendall visited our class. She had a makeup to do & decided to join us for that!

Then her teacher was running late so Rylie had to join the other class going on...

Hugging Kendall bye bye

Then tonight was Rylie's last swimming class. She was supposed to get 4 weeks, but then the gym decided last-minute to have a break last week for Spring Break. We were given 2 vouchers we had the option to use as a discount towards the next session but we're going to wait for now. It's just so exhausting going twice a week. Her classes have been at 6:30pm & David was having to rush home from work & we'd barely make it there right when class was starting & then we'd have to pick up dinner & rush to get Rylie in bath & bed on time. Whew! Plus honestly we think she's a little young right now. There's not much she's able to do with swimming. She's only 17 months old, so we're not expecting her to be dog paddling anytime soon! lol But now we at least know what to work with her on all Summer & then we'll probably go back in the Fall or late Summer for another session. Anyways, here's pictures from tonight's class!

"Bye, Mommy! My class is starting!"

She loves splashing!! lol

This has helped her out a lot!

She had fun! When class was over, she just walked outta the pool all by herself to Mommy! (it's a beach entry) She's definitely come a long way to being more comfortable & moving around herself in the water!

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Becca said...

Yay!! Now that swim classes are over, we're ready for the outdoor pool to open up!!