Monday, March 9, 2009

Swim Class-Week 1

Did I mention we enrolled Rylie in a swim class at our new gym down the street? She started last week. She goes Monday & Wednesday night at 6:30 so David can go with us! He gets in the water with her & I take pictures. I missed her first class though. =( So here's pictures of last Wednesday's class! She was so cute the entire time looking over at me waving & with an expression like "Did you see that, Mommy? Did you see me swim? I'm doing it Mommy!" It was so cute! There's one other boy in the class with her & then her friend Jaiden, but Jaiden's been real sick lately so he wasnt there Wednesday & the other boy's older so he gets to do more stuff on his own & isn't seen in the pictures.
(These pictures have weird lighting because it's an indoor pool & it was really dark in there & I was all the way across the pool with the zoom on all the way)

Getting in! The pool's heated but it was still cold!

Working on walking in the water

Learning to kick legs when on belly

This mat helps her get comfortable with being on belly in water when someone's holding her....cept all the wanted to do was try to crawl on it!

Class over! Looks like she had fun!

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Becca said...

Yay!! I've been waiting to see how swim class goes. So, are ya'll the only ones in the class now? Gotta love private lessons!!