Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the air at Kindermusik!

Today we returned to Kindermusik from Spring Break (which was soo boring for us by the way!) We were excited to be back & see all our friends! First off, Rylie & I were up early & all ready to go until she spilled her breakfast on herself & Mommy had to wash her dress to put back on her. I had already gotten her dolled up all cute & didnt want to change outfits. lol So Rylie had to run around all morning like this until the dress finished drying....
When we got to class Rylie seemed to not have the apprehensive, shy mood she had 2 weeks ago. She did step back & just watch people for a few seconds as they were arriving....

..and then she just jumped on in! Rearranging toys....

...picking out some fun stuff! (You can see Emmery behind her in her pretty spring dress too!)

Doing the towel ride again. This time she wanted to sit up instead of laying back.

Parachute again! She loves this thing now!

Showing herself where her nose is! hehe

Then before we left Rylie decided to do a little twirl dance. The first time she did, she got dizzy & smacked the ground. But she got back up & did it some more!

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