Friday, March 13, 2009

Separation Anxiety?

Rylie was in an unusual mood yesterday. We got to the gym & she threw a fit just knowing I was going to leave her with strangers. We ended up coming back home right away. She was also getting a runny nose, although it was clear. As soon as we got home, by 100% her own choice, Rylie just layed down on the couch with her Kitty & blanket & took herself a nap.

I sat next to her & rubbed her back. After about an hour she woke up, ate lunch, walked around a short bit & then kept laying down on the floor. I knew she was tired, so I put her back on the couch & she snuggled up to me & went right back to sleep.

I did take her temperature & she never had a fever. I dont know if it's just going to the gym daycare with strangers that's gotten her all worked up. She did fine the first 2 times I left her in there & now she hates going there! She's suddenly been shy & clingy around other people now, even her Kindermusik friends. Hopefully we'll pass this quickly & be back to our old usual fun Rylie soon!


Shelly said...

how funny, kinley wore the exact same outfit last friday!
thats cool she will nap on the couch! kinley will ONLY sleep in her bed.

~the mccrarys~ said...

this was the 1st time she napped on the couch with me bc she only naps in her bed as well-not ever while were driving around or in her stroller, so it was def weird & her not being herself to do that!