Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday Waco Visit-Friends

One of the other stops we made in Waco was to visit some friends-Kinley & her Mommy Shelly. At first Rylie was being really shy. She thought we were leaving her there!
So dramatic!
Then she calmed down & warmed up to them.

Kinley was giving Rylie a hug

Look at our pretty girls! They're growing so fast!

"Kinley, meet Kitty"

Thanks for letting us come visit! See yall again soon!


Shelly said...

im sorry kinley was mean :( i dont know where shes learned it!! u got some good pics! hopefully rylie wont be too scared to play with kinley again. rylie has the okay by me to beat her up ;-) lol

Ashley said...

They are too cute!! I love watching little kiddos interact with each other.