Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rylie's Playground Fun

Mommy took me to the playground this morning. We had fun just me & her. I got to ride in the swing with Kitty!

Then Mommy took me to the top of the playground & showed me a big tunnel. It was neat.

I climbed through it at least 3 times & then Mommy said I should check out the other stuff. There was a neat mirror there, a big red wheel, some turning things Mommy said was "tic tac toe."

Then I got to go down the slide again! Mommy went with me this time.

I'm such a big girl now, I got to walk around all by myself.

I even climbed to the top of the playground all by myself!

Then Mommy had me sit on a big rock.

She wanted me to smile, but I didnt want to. She also took me to look at the pretty flowers.

Then it was time to go eat lunch. I had fun at the playground today with Mommy! Hopefully she'll take me again soon & my friends will go too!


Becca said...

It looks like ya'll had fun!! What a beautiful day too. Rylie looks cute with all of her flowers on!

Anonymous said...

I see kitty went to the park too. better keep an eye on kitty.