Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Locked Out

On Friday morning, Rylie & I were heading out to the gym. I had a meeting with a trainer to get a physical assessment test & Rylie was going to play in the daycare. Carrying Rylie, her diaper bag, my purse, a bottle of water, & sunglasses I locked our door & headed out to our garage (detached). Then I realized that I didnt have my keys, house or car. I immediately knew this day would not be going well! I called David & he said he actually had my keys on him & was on his way home to bring them to me. Luckily I had the business card in my purse for the gym & called to tell them my situation & that I would not be making it for my appointment. Then Rylie & I had nothing better to do than hang out in our backyard, waiting for David & taking pictures!
I pulled her around in her wagon for awhile. She offered to call someone for help.
Then she said she'd even give me a ride to the gym in her car! What a sweet girl! Then she walked all the way down our driveway to the sidewalk in the front of our house! (Yes she's barefoot because she only has 1 pair of shoes that fit right now since the store hasnt gotten her new ones in yet-long story!)
Sadly though, she then fell & skinned her knee. Her 1st skinned knee-she really is a big girl now! Shortly after, David arrived with my keys!! Never in my life have I been locked out of my house before & after this experience, I dont think I want a repeat anytime soon!

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Becca said...

Poor thing. That looks like it hurt!!