Friday, March 20, 2009

Just one of the guys

After Rylie's nap this afternoon we saw our neighbor friends outside & even though we were very casually dressed & ready to relax when David got home, Rylie & I stepped outside to say hi. The neighbor twins brought their football out & Rylie was eyeing it! As soon as one of them put it down, she ran over to it & got it! She was so cute though & wouldnt throw it to them, just walk over politely & hand it over to one of them. Then she'd hold her arms out for them to hand it back! lol David drove up as she was doing this & grabbed his work camera & snapped a few pictures!

She saw Daddy!

"Come on, Jaiden! Let's see what trouble we can get into!" -Rylie

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Anonymous said...

looks like Rylie is going to be daddy's little "QUARTERBACK PRINCESS"