Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home Sick From School

Look! She has new shoes too! I went ahead & bought these for her yesterday since the ones we wanted still arent in stock! These are still pretty big, but she's gotta wear something!

Rylie & Mommy are both under the weather! I spent all night with the worst sore throat ever & having to blow my nose every hour. Rylie slept fine & seemed her normal self when I got her outta bed & then she coughed-a horrible, hoarse-voice-sounding, raw-throat, awful cough! So I kept her home today from Kindermusik, called her pediatrician & they said we should go ahead & bring her in. Turns out she's just got a viral thing-no earraches, no fever, nothing wrong with her throat, she's not contagious & can still do swim lessons tomorrow (pictures to come!) and there's nothing we need to give her, but we should keep her humidifier on all night. She's still been eating really good, but not much into her milk. She's been drinkin Pedialyte instead right now. Hopefully we'll have this gone soon because Grandma, Aunt Sarah, & cousin Isaac are coming to visit this weekend! Cant wait!

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