Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Raegan!

Rylie's neighbor friend Raegan had her 2nd birthday party on Saturday! It was at Old McDonald Farm & Rylie had so much fun! She got to see her friends, pet some animals, try to feed others, ride a pony, & eat cake! What more could you ask for?! Oh yeah, the train ride! We've definitely gotta do that next time! We were having so much fun, we forgot to do that! Oh well, Happy Birthday Raegan! Thanks for inviting us!

Rylie & the birthday girl, Raegan!

Deer just walk around there & are real people-friendly!

I thought it would be a good idea to bring the wagon since it's really bumpy, muddy, & has lots of sand there & thinking Rylie wouldn't walk well on it all. Yeah right! That girl did not wanna be in the wagon! She walked all over that place!

Kendall was trying to give Rylie a hug & Rylie's not a hug person! It was sweet of you to try though Kendall!

Opening Rylie's gift-cute swimsuit with matching hat!

Rylie's favor bucket which she loved!

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