Friday, March 20, 2009

Dinner with friends

Last night we got invited to our friends Sean & Marissa's parents' house for dinner, along with some other friends of theirs we just met. Sean & Marissa are moving to our area in the next subdivision over within the next couple of months & it was great to get some visit time with them. They're also expecting a baby girl later this Summer! We usually dont take pictures of everything really, but Rylie was the only kiddo there last night & she was being such a ham & soaking up all the attention of the Moms & Dads-to-be & Grandparents-to-be, so David grabbed his work camera in the car & snapped a few cute pictures!

This camera was too slow & totally missed her kissing the puppy! She just walked up to this puppy she's never seen before & gave it a kiss! lol Her K9 cousin Sam will be so jealous!

Beads necklace!

She was obsessed with this water fountain!!

"Daddy, can we get one of these? Please?!"

Rylie's "leg hug" which she's just started last weekend. It's so sweet!

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