Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Kindermusik

Rylie was being silly in class today! Silly, but sweet. She kept picking up toys & giving them to all the kiddos. Except for the teacher's doll. She tried to steal it again today.

"Did anybody see me take this doll?" hehe

And when the scarfs came out, Rylie immediately picked her own & knew just where it went!

Then she decided to try taking a nap during the towel ride.

Handing her teacher the ball. She just kept bringing everything to everybody today! Hopefully she'll continue being this good with sharing later on!

I really wish I could just videotape every class she does! These kiddos do the cutest stuff in Kindermusik! We look forward to it every week!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ring Around The....

....kitchen island? lol This girl's new thing is running circles around everything! She loves running around our kitchen island, coffee table, anything! She's just laughs her head off the entire time too! Here's pictures I got of her today doing it & just laughing away! Each picture is another time she ran around it.

She was laughing so hard this time she couldnt continue walking! lol

Springtime Sweets

Rylie helped Mommy make cupcakes today! We made them to suprise David when he got home from work. They turned out really good & beautifully decorated for Spring!

Rylie claimed hers by marking it with her initials =)


"is my middle name"

Good 'ol family dinner

On Saturday David, Rylie, & I had dinner with Grandaddy & Deedee at their house! It took Rylie a little while to warm up to everybody since she's started to be shy around everybody lately, but then she was running around, laughing & having a good time! Thanks for having us over!

Rylie & their puppy, Sweetie

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Videos updated & some awaiting

I finally got caught up on uploading our videos to our You Tube (linked on the sidebar under Our Videos). They're all of Rylie's videos that have been featured on the blog before & just a quick link to them instead of searching all over if you wanted to go back to any.
On a side note, I've also got 3 other videos that were editing in our video system because they're bigger stuff like Rylie swinging at the park, Malia's homecoming from back in Sept, AND my cousins wedding from Oct. They were saved on our extended hard drive & were just completed & getting ready to export to DVD when our computer would no longer connect things by USB. So we took our hard drive into Best Buy Geek Squad & after waiting to get it back we've just been told they'll have to ship it out to have it fixed because apparently the hard drive is in bad condition. =( Hopefully they'll get it fixed & we wont have to redo everything! I know Vince & Mary have been waiting for that video of bringing their daughter home & my cousin's waiting to see their wedding! Sorry for the delay! We're going to speak with Geek Squad again tomorrow to see how soon we'll get our drive back. =( It also had all of our family pictures on it 2007 on back, including all of Rylie's newborn pictures. Please PLEASE tell me they can fix it!!!

Swim Class-Week 3

We returned back to swimming this week after Spring Break last week! On Monday Rylie was extra excited that Kendall visited our class. She had a makeup to do & decided to join us for that!

Then her teacher was running late so Rylie had to join the other class going on...

Hugging Kendall bye bye

Then tonight was Rylie's last swimming class. She was supposed to get 4 weeks, but then the gym decided last-minute to have a break last week for Spring Break. We were given 2 vouchers we had the option to use as a discount towards the next session but we're going to wait for now. It's just so exhausting going twice a week. Her classes have been at 6:30pm & David was having to rush home from work & we'd barely make it there right when class was starting & then we'd have to pick up dinner & rush to get Rylie in bath & bed on time. Whew! Plus honestly we think she's a little young right now. There's not much she's able to do with swimming. She's only 17 months old, so we're not expecting her to be dog paddling anytime soon! lol But now we at least know what to work with her on all Summer & then we'll probably go back in the Fall or late Summer for another session. Anyways, here's pictures from tonight's class!

"Bye, Mommy! My class is starting!"

She loves splashing!! lol

This has helped her out a lot!

She had fun! When class was over, she just walked outta the pool all by herself to Mommy! (it's a beach entry) She's definitely come a long way to being more comfortable & moving around herself in the water!

Leg warmers

Rylie got these in her stocking for Christmas & never got to wear them. We thought we'd try them out around the house this morning! They're one size fits most so hopefully she can still fit in them this Fall when it gets cooler!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool shades

Rylie picked up Mommy's sunglasses today & knew just where they went!

Spring is in the air at Kindermusik!

Today we returned to Kindermusik from Spring Break (which was soo boring for us by the way!) We were excited to be back & see all our friends! First off, Rylie & I were up early & all ready to go until she spilled her breakfast on herself & Mommy had to wash her dress to put back on her. I had already gotten her dolled up all cute & didnt want to change outfits. lol So Rylie had to run around all morning like this until the dress finished drying....
When we got to class Rylie seemed to not have the apprehensive, shy mood she had 2 weeks ago. She did step back & just watch people for a few seconds as they were arriving....

..and then she just jumped on in! Rearranging toys....

...picking out some fun stuff! (You can see Emmery behind her in her pretty spring dress too!)

Doing the towel ride again. This time she wanted to sit up instead of laying back.

Parachute again! She loves this thing now!

Showing herself where her nose is! hehe

Then before we left Rylie decided to do a little twirl dance. The first time she did, she got dizzy & smacked the ground. But she got back up & did it some more!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretty pink toes!

I finally got to paint Rylie's toenails on Sunday afternoon! You can barely see it in this picture because I did a sheer light pink, but you can see the shine it adds. Now her toes will be styling in her sandals!

Daddy & Ducks

On Sunday morning David took Rylie to see the ducks at the front of our subdivision by the lake. She had fun chasing them around & feeding them some bread! It was the perfect day to be outside!

Saturday Waco Visit-Friends

One of the other stops we made in Waco was to visit some friends-Kinley & her Mommy Shelly. At first Rylie was being really shy. She thought we were leaving her there!
So dramatic!
Then she calmed down & warmed up to them.

Kinley was giving Rylie a hug

Look at our pretty girls! They're growing so fast!

"Kinley, meet Kitty"

Thanks for letting us come visit! See yall again soon!

Saturday Waco Visit-Zoo

On Saturday Rylie, David, & I drove up to Waco for a quick visit. I've been very homesick lately & needed a cure! (Sorry there's a LOT of pictures)

"Yay! We're going to Waco!"
Three hours later.....

"Are we there yet?!"

We met up with my mom, sister & Isaac for some good 'ole Uncle Dan's BBQ! It's the BEST stuff ever! We even bought a lb of meat to bring home in case I get homesick for it again soon. hehe Then we all took the kiddos to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. It's crazy how I lived in Waco for almost 10 years & had never been there! Well, apparently everybody thought it was a great day for the zoo! When we arrived this is the line we were in just to enter!
Then we reached where that line ended, turned right & had more line to wait in!

Kiddos waiting patiently in line

Once we got in we started off with the big animals! I must say the Waco zoo had more of each animal in this category than the San Antonio Zoo & they seemed closer to us here too.

She thought the rhinos were so funny!


After a few more exhibits, we headed up to the reptile house. I love going into these! Rylie got a big kick outta the snakes!
Then we had to miss out on a few other exhibits & head on. Rylie was sooo cranky & tired by now & we had several more stops to make in town. So we said goodbye to Grandma, Aunt Sarah, & cousin Isaac.
Ooooo! An early Easter basket! Thanks, Grandma!
"Bye, Aunt Sarah"

"Bye, Isaac"

Had fun visiting yall! Hope to see yall again soon!