Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San Antonio Valentine Weekend!

For Valentine's Day, David & I decided to not get each other gifts and take a small trip to San Antonio-just our family. We left Saturday morning, arrived at lunch time, ate, then took Rylie to the San Antonio zoo.

Our cute lil butterfly!
Do you see the big elephant behind us?

After that, we checked into our hotel & opted to just eat at the restaurant there instead of getting dressed up & fighting the crowds. We were exhausted! After dinner, we gave Rylie her little gift & exchanged cards with each other. Rylie got the "Hugs & Kisses Elmo."
She doesnt have any character interests right now like a lot of her friends, mostly because she doesnt watch any TV. But 3 of her friends have the Elmo live & 1 has the hokey pokey Elmo which she loved, so when we saw this Elmo advertised in the newspaper we thought she might like it. It was just a little something for her. Then Rylie had to cruise around our hotel room & check everything out. She had a lot of energy to burn up from being in her carseat & stroller all day!
"Here's my belly button!" hehe
She got a little too excited & wobbled over, hitting her head. Minor bump turned very dramatic!
Saddest little girl in the world! Didnt last long though.
Then it was off to sleep.
David & Rylie-Sunday in the hotel before checkout
On Sunday, we drove out to the San Marcos outlet mall. We'd never been there & it was awesome! We did a little shopping, ate a very early dinner, then made the long drive home. Overall it was a very nice quick family getaway!
Hope everyone's Valentine's Day was great!

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Becca said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you FINALLY blogged. I've been patiently (Okay, impatiently.....HE HE)waiting to read all about your trip. It looks like ya'll had a great time!!