Monday, February 23, 2009

Farewell to Kitty

We are very sad to say that Rylie's little Kitty is no longer with us.
On Sunday we let her take him to Wal-Mart with us to get groceries. She was very tired & rode in her stroller, holding him. She'd always been good about holding onto Kitty, so I thought he'd be fine. We didnt lose him at the San Antonio Zoo! However, towards the end of our trip there, we noticed she wasn't holding him anymore. We immediately began searching up & down every aisle we'd been on, asking people around us if they'd seen Rylie's little friend. Rylie was literally hanging out the side of her stroller looking all around the ground for him. After 40 minutes of unsuccessful searching, we asked a sales associate to page the store asking people to turn the Kitty into customer service if he was found. The workers were very helpful! They took our phone number & promised to keep an eye out for him even after we'd left. It was a very hard thing telling Rylie that we couldn't take Kitty back home with us because he was lost. =( She was very sad. Mommy carried her out to the car & sat next to her on the way home. David's mom & Craig came over for dinner that night & we all had fun. When it came time for bed, Rylie was too tired to even notice her sleeping companion wasnt there. On Monday morning, however, she was looking for him when she woke up. She picked up her frog instead to kiss good morning.
It's so sad to see your little one lose something they loved so much! She had that Kitty for a year now, slept with him every night! David gave that to her when we lived back in Waco. He always went to her doctor appointments & she held him tight when she had to get shots. We're pretty sure Kitty was "kit-napped" by another little kiddo who probably picked him up off the ground. According to Rylie (by translation of her mumbles & hand gestures), Kitty was sitting on her lap & fell off. =(
We've already found a store here who was very helpful today in getting another Kitty ordered. So hopefully soon Kitty will "return from the spa" ::wink, wink:: and Rylie will continue to have more fun times with her little friend-AT HOME!
Some great pictures to remember Kitty by.....

And just in case anyone sees her Kitty wandering around somewhere....

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The Pifer's said...

awwww how sweet!!!! Poor Mr. Kitty, and poor Rylie!!!!