Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kindermusik Cutie!

I had to take Rylie to the dr Tuesday morning to see if she had an ear infection because over the weekend she kept putting her hands over her ears (which is why she didnt wear a bow over the weekend either). Thankfully, she didnt have any & was all clear, so we made it just in time for Kindermusik class!

Picked out her little drum to play with

Obsessed with that R again!

Kissing the "pretty baby" in the mirror! lol There's her new boyfriend next to her too!

Drum time!

Rylie decided to push hers around the classroom! lol

She didnt do much walking in class like I'd hoped being around all those walkers, but once the kiddos were all in their mom/dads' laps, she just took off walking across the room! She did discover, however, that with casual pants on she can slide easily on the hard wood floors in the classroom!

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