Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daycare Big Girl!

This big girl right here went with Mommy to the new gym we just joined this morning & she stayed in the daycare there for the 1st time & did sooooo WONDERFUL! She's never stayed in a daycare before (except the church nursery when she was tiny but I worked there) or with anyone she hadn't already known, so Mommy was a little worried how this would go. I set her down & she just took off! She was immediately babbling away, picking up toys & walking around the place. I was so proud! My heart ached just a tiny bit that she didnt seem to miss me, but there sure was a big smile on her face when I returned to get her. I'm so pleased this went well though & I'll be more inclined to make it to the gym on a regular basis now & let her have her own playtime with friends. We've got such a big girl now!

We're in for it now!

Now that Rylie's walking, she's discovered she can open doors! We've got these easy handles for little ones so it's harder now keeping her outta places she shouldnt' be in to like the laundry room! Our next investment will be locks for our handles.

Polka Dot Princess

Fun Lunch!

On Monday, Rylie & I met some friends/neighbors for lunch. Then we just had to get some cute pictures of our kiddos!
Kendall started clapping.....

Then Rylie joined in.....

Then Raegan did too!

And then they were all done with pictures!

Thumb & Hair

When Rylie's tired, she always sucks her left thumb & pulls her hair with her right hand. She's started this about a month ago I guess. It's so cute how she has her own little way of soothing herself to sleep. Sometimes she'll pass out & still have her thumb in her mouth & hair in her hand!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Farewell to Kitty

We are very sad to say that Rylie's little Kitty is no longer with us.
On Sunday we let her take him to Wal-Mart with us to get groceries. She was very tired & rode in her stroller, holding him. She'd always been good about holding onto Kitty, so I thought he'd be fine. We didnt lose him at the San Antonio Zoo! However, towards the end of our trip there, we noticed she wasn't holding him anymore. We immediately began searching up & down every aisle we'd been on, asking people around us if they'd seen Rylie's little friend. Rylie was literally hanging out the side of her stroller looking all around the ground for him. After 40 minutes of unsuccessful searching, we asked a sales associate to page the store asking people to turn the Kitty into customer service if he was found. The workers were very helpful! They took our phone number & promised to keep an eye out for him even after we'd left. It was a very hard thing telling Rylie that we couldn't take Kitty back home with us because he was lost. =( She was very sad. Mommy carried her out to the car & sat next to her on the way home. David's mom & Craig came over for dinner that night & we all had fun. When it came time for bed, Rylie was too tired to even notice her sleeping companion wasnt there. On Monday morning, however, she was looking for him when she woke up. She picked up her frog instead to kiss good morning.
It's so sad to see your little one lose something they loved so much! She had that Kitty for a year now, slept with him every night! David gave that to her when we lived back in Waco. He always went to her doctor appointments & she held him tight when she had to get shots. We're pretty sure Kitty was "kit-napped" by another little kiddo who probably picked him up off the ground. According to Rylie (by translation of her mumbles & hand gestures), Kitty was sitting on her lap & fell off. =(
We've already found a store here who was very helpful today in getting another Kitty ordered. So hopefully soon Kitty will "return from the spa" ::wink, wink:: and Rylie will continue to have more fun times with her little friend-AT HOME!
Some great pictures to remember Kitty by.....

And just in case anyone sees her Kitty wandering around somewhere....

Grand Saturday

We took Rylie to get her Easter dress on Saturday! We actually ended up getting one that wasn't on the voting! lol We found a pretty blue one at Babies R Us that wasn't available at our location. We cant wait to put her in it! Then we met up with Dave's Dad & Donna for dinner at yummy Los Cucos! Rylie was in a weird mood though & didnt want anybody else holding her. She was tired & pretty fussy. Seemed only thing that would keep her happy was the sugar packet holder. Yeah, we had to eventually hide that to get her to eat her dinner! Overall, it was a great Saturday!

Our lil shorty! Can you even tell she's standing? lol

Her & those sugar packets which she's shown no interest in before this!

Trying to get a group shot. Rylie started fussing & they were trying to make her smile!

Now she's happy....and flirting with strangers across the restaurant!

Waiting patiently....

Rylie got her Kitty dirty last week so Mommy had to wash him. Poor Rylie then had to wait a whole day for Kitty to air dry on top of the refrigerator. She would walk by & look up there so longingly as if saying "Please hurry & dry Kitty so I can play with you." She was very excited Saturday afternoon when he finally dried & she could have him back.
Big hugs & sugars for Kitty!

(Sadly, we didnt know this would be the last picture ever taken of her sweet Kitty......)

Daddy & Rylie Night

"Let's party, Daddy!"

On Friday night I went next door to a scrapbooking party while Rylie hung out with Daddy. We both had a blast equally & it was nice to give Rylie some one-on-one time with Daddy without me distracting them. And I much-needed some grown-up, girl time! We'll definitely have to plan some more things like this again!

Beautiful Day

It was such a pretty day last Thursday & we actually had no errands to run that morning, so Rylie & I played outside for a little bit. Rylie's got some comfort "quirks" where she's only walking in an environment that she's very comfortable in. She's yet to be walking when we're out shopping or out eating & it takes her awhile when we're at other people's houses. So I thought if we worked on walking outside maybe that would help. It took her awhile to start walking in our backyard Thursday, but once she did, she was out running with her neighbor friends later that afternoon!

Going to explore....

Playing on her slide....the wrong way

And she's off!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter dress vote

PLEASE help us decide which Easter dress Rylie should wear this year! It has been a hard decision to make-so many pretty ones! Last year, I saw the dress & knew immediately there wouldn't be any other that would look more beautiful on her & bought it right away. This year it's a lot harder to decide which beautiful one to get! So, here's my top 6 that I've seen in various places. We're also going to the mall this weekend to see if stores have more than just the few online. But for now we'd like to know your vote on our top picks! Remember to vote on not the one you like best, but the one you think will look best on Rylie with her features. Cast your vote in our poll to the right! Also, if you've seen other cute little girl Easter dresses please lemme know! Thanks!!!








Tulip Cuteness!

David bought this outfit for Rylie at the Gymboree outlet on Sunday. Their sale stuff was $9.99 & under! I just love this outfit on her. It had a tulip hat that matched, but after putting the whole outfit on her this morning, it just wasn't as cute so we're going to return it & Mommy will make her a pretty bow to match!The sailor-looking shirt is just precious to me. It feels so comfy too! I'll bet she's napping good in it right now! lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More music class....

Today Rylie did awesome at Kindermusik! Lots of walking around. The other moms were very impressed with the progress she's made!

Walking over to her teacher

During a story-telling, Rylie decided to go lounge in this caterpillar cushion thing......

....and get a foot massage! lol

Doing a hammock-towel ride! She enjoyed it this time!

San Antonio Valentine Weekend!

For Valentine's Day, David & I decided to not get each other gifts and take a small trip to San Antonio-just our family. We left Saturday morning, arrived at lunch time, ate, then took Rylie to the San Antonio zoo.

Our cute lil butterfly!
Do you see the big elephant behind us?

After that, we checked into our hotel & opted to just eat at the restaurant there instead of getting dressed up & fighting the crowds. We were exhausted! After dinner, we gave Rylie her little gift & exchanged cards with each other. Rylie got the "Hugs & Kisses Elmo."
She doesnt have any character interests right now like a lot of her friends, mostly because she doesnt watch any TV. But 3 of her friends have the Elmo live & 1 has the hokey pokey Elmo which she loved, so when we saw this Elmo advertised in the newspaper we thought she might like it. It was just a little something for her. Then Rylie had to cruise around our hotel room & check everything out. She had a lot of energy to burn up from being in her carseat & stroller all day!
"Here's my belly button!" hehe
She got a little too excited & wobbled over, hitting her head. Minor bump turned very dramatic!
Saddest little girl in the world! Didnt last long though.
Then it was off to sleep.
David & Rylie-Sunday in the hotel before checkout
On Sunday, we drove out to the San Marcos outlet mall. We'd never been there & it was awesome! We did a little shopping, ate a very early dinner, then made the long drive home. Overall it was a very nice quick family getaway!
Hope everyone's Valentine's Day was great!