Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoom Buggy Graduate

Rylie completed the Fall session of Kindermusik yesterday. Her teacher gave her her very 1st Certificate of Completion for it. We'll be returning in 2 weeks for the Spring session! Here's Rylie at her last Fall Kindermusik class....

"I've got my toy for the next part!"

She was looking up at her teacher & clapping for the next part!

Rylie & Jaiden

The walking kids were good influence on her! She kept standing on her own during class, but wouldnt' take any steps. I was amazed she was standing though because she was wearing socks on slippery wood floors! (Her belt came untied too)

She loves that R! Good girl was trying to put it back where it went.

Our little graduate & her teacher!

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grandma said...

i just love the sweater! she looks like she really enjoys her class and all of her friends.