Saturday, January 31, 2009


As of Friday night, Rylie's considered a walker now! I still dont consider her a "full-time" walker though. Its just my opinion (as her Mommy, I'm allowed to have that), but I consider Rylie being a full-time walker when she'll be walking all the time & no more crawling, like most of her friends now. I cant wait for her to be at the level where I can take her outta her carseat & set her down to stand next to me & hold my hand to walk into places. We're very very close to being there now! Friday evening, she was walking all over our house! She was even running a little, since she's been running with her push toy for forever! We took lots of video that I'll post later. Then she stayed at Mimi's house Friday night & showed them her new tricks & all Saturday morning walked around Mimi's house. I give it 2 weeks until we're full time!

PS I added an "after" picture of Jaiden below to the Woodlands post. Lots of people had requested to see him without the curls, so Laurie, just so you know, everybody loves your son! hehe


Becca said...

Yay!! Good news!

HADDOX said...

Thats great, go Rylie!

Shelly said...

yay! our girls are getting big