Monday, January 26, 2009

A walk in crazy weather

Last Thursday (I know I skipped a few days lol) Rylie & Kendall were on their usual walk to the store. I ended up getting Rylie some Golden Grahams for a snack & my friend Becca (Kendall's mom) took some cute pictures of them!

Kendall was interested in Rylie's snack. Yes, Rylie did share!

Now you might think it's odd that Rylie's in a dress like it's hot outside & Kendall's in a hoodie & pants like it's cold, but let me explain for some of you viewers who dont understand Texas weather-they're both dressed just right for that day. See lately it's been really cold in the morning, very warm in the mid & later part of the day, and then very cool again in the evenings. Rylie actually had on leggings under that dress earlier that day (see in the playdate pics with Reese below) and I took them off for her to nap. When we went out for our walk it was pretty warm, but by the time our walk was ending, it got pretty windy again & cool out so Rylie & I had to rush on home so her little legs wouldnt be cold.
It's very difficult picking out clothes for her now. We used to pick out her clothes the night before but then I always ended up putting her in a sweater on a 70 degree day & short sleeve on a 60 degree day. So now we wait until the morning to see what the actual temperature is at the time we're going out to decide what to wear. Aint Texas weather grand?!

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