Thursday, January 22, 2009

"They're too big, Mom!"

Poor Rylie....her clothes rarely fit her right now. She's too tall for 12 mos clothes but she's not fat enough for 18 mos clothes & that's the sizes most things come in. It's very rare to find 12-18 mos & even then they're mostly a little big too. So I end up having to buy 18 mos clothes & put a belt on the pants & let her shirts be a little big. It's better to have them too big than too small! Poor Rylie was pushing her cart last night with her bear, didnt have a belt on, & lost her britches!

"What's going on with these?"

So she then kicked them off the rest of the way......

...and wanted to hand them to Mommy.

And when I didnt take them, she kicked them away.

Goofy girl!

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