Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slumber Party!

Last night Rylie would not sleep at all. I put her down at her bedtime & had planned on cleaning for awhile since I knew I wouldnt be able to sleep with David still gone. Rylie had other things in mind & I'm kinda glad! I ended up putting her in bed with me at 9:30pm. I didnt plan on getting in bed that early, but I knew she wouldnt calm down & try to sleep without me laying next to her. She fidgeted for quite awhile & tried body-slamming herself on the pillows a few times. She did have some sweet moments though & gave Mommy lots of sugars! Finally a little after 11pm, she passed out....and started snoring. lol I had expected to get up & do a few things after she fell asleep, but by then I was so tired too I followed her quickly into a sound sleep....or so I thought! Rylie tossed & turned allllll night long, kicking me in the face, back & side. At one point, I woke up a little & just stared at her. I couldnt believe how amazingly beautiful she is. She's so peaceful when she sleeps & it was just the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen! Then she decided at 6am, it was playtime! She was crawling back & forth on the bed, laughing hysterically. I was trying to just sleep through all this, and at one point she even gave me sugars with my eyes closed & when I opened them to say "thank you" she just laughed away! Such a sweetie! Then she even softly rubbed my arm. Not long later, she passed out again. Then my stupid alarm (why didnt I turn it off?!) woke her up at 7am & she wasn't going down again! She fussed and fussed and fussed & I knew that was it & we'd needed to just get up. I dont have any pictures of any of this, but I just had to document it so I can look back years from now when she's throwing tantrums & remember this sweetest moment ever with my beautiful daughter. We both spent the majority of the day dead tired though so I dont think we'll do another slumber party for awhile! It made for some nice memories though!

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