Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Rylie Updates

Since I dont do monthly updates on her anymore, I decided to kinda catch myself up on some things she's doing lately....
*Blowing kisses
*Waving "hello" & "goodbye" to everybody
*Dinosaur-like shrieking (lol very annoying tho!)
*Taking several steps now on her own, but still not full-time walking
*Gives lots of sugars now
*Points to her nose on request
*Found her belly button & usually points to it when we say "button" hehe
*Looks to Mommy/Daddy when we say "Who's Mommy/Daddy?"
*Remembers where things are (i.e. when she takes her bow off & crawls around & I ask where she put her bow, she crawls back to it, picks it up & gives it to me)
*Hands over things on request ( sometimes she'll then take it back right away)

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The Pifer's said...

Left you something on my page love!