Monday, January 12, 2009

My 23rd Birthday

This past Friday was my 23rd birthday. It was also 1 year to the day of Casey's funeral. It was a really hard week last week. I missed Casey more than ever before! I was also having some stomach problems that a trip to the dr resulted in just "take some pepto & you'll be fine." So I was excited when Friday came & I was feeling (and eating) better & was determined to have a good day!

First, Rylie & I decided to have a girls day. We hadn't left the house & done something just the 2 of us in about 2 weeks! Before we left tho, that morning David woke me up before heading to work & let me open my birthday card. It was the perfect card for me! I opened it up to read it, & he'd gotten one of those recordable cards & had a sweet message to me & then my favorite song played on it "So Happy Together" by the Turtles! Later at breakfast, Rylie said I could open her card. It was so funny even she laughed at it! Then we headed out! I had received 2 coupons for store credit in the mail at 2 of my favorite stores for my birthday, so we visited both of those stores & bought some small stuff. Then we met our friends Becca & Kendall for lunch! Rylie & Kendall hadnt seen each other in forever! Kendall had been sick for 3 weeks! We're glad she's all better now!

Then, Rylie & I stopped off at Hollywood video. Did you know they give you a free movie rental on your birthday if you have a card with them? I'm a dork & do that every year! So this year I rented "Eagle Eye."
Next, we came on home so Rylieroo could take a nap & I put our stuff away & started getting ready for date night with David! As soon as he got home from work, we loaded up Rylie an overnight bag & headed to Mimi's. Rylie stayed the night with her all by her big girl self while David & I had our first official date night in over a year (since we were pregnant)! Rylie did awesome & didnt fuss at all as we left.

David took me to dinner at Del Frisco's. It was a really nice place! They had a birthday card on the table for me. The food was excellent, the view was amazing, and they even gave us a complimentary 6-layer slice of lemon cake! It was to die for! I still have leftovers in my fridge after snacking on it 3 more times! haha

Then, David & I went to see "Bride Wars." It came out that night & was sooo funny! I knew it would be good, but it was even better than I imagined! Cant wait to own that!
Then, we went across the street to a wine bar to meet up with some friends. We were all so tired by then (it was midnight!) we only stayed 15 minutes & decided to head on home. We're gettin old! lol

It was soooo weird coming home & not having Rylie with us. I went up to her room & it was just empty & quiet without her. So I went downstairs & started getting ready for bed & that's when it hit me & I just bawled. I missed Casey so much. I pulled out my scrapbook & turned to the incompleted page in it that's supposed to be about her. I just cant seem to finish it. It's still so hard even a year later. It took me awhile, but I recently started wearing the Guardian Angel necklace of hers that she used to wear that her mom gave me on Casey's birthday last year. I wear it a lot now & think of her constantly. It was really hard going to that movie Friday night. Going to the movies was always hers & mine's thing to do & I hadnt been to a movie since she's been gone. There was an empty seat tho next to me Friday night & it was reserved! Growing up, she was pretty much the only friend who remembered my birthday & celebrated with me so many years! We always ended up going to the movies it seemed! lol
Well, that was my birthday Friday. Thanks everybody who helped make it special!


Becca said...

Ya!! I've been dying to read updates on the blog.....and see pics of your big day!! I'm so glad that you had a good birthday, considering!! I'm glad to have you as a friend as well!

The Pifer's said...

I am so glad you had a super birthday and like I told you yesterday I am so glad that you have such an amazing gaurdian angle watching down on you... :o)

I LOVE THE CHEERIOS and the carwash is tooo cute!!!!!! :O)

Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

Happy belated birthday. I did not know you were so young. :-) I'm glad we got to "meet." I'll remember you in my prayers as you deal with the loss of your friend.