Friday, January 30, 2009

Mommy's Taste!

Rylie definitely has her Mommy's taste on a lot of things! One of them is her love of purses! Everytime she sees my purse sitting within reach, she has to raid it! Even if I leave an empty purse on the floor, she finds it fascinating! lol This morning, she saw me put my lipgloss on & then toss it in my purse. She then went over to it, got out the lipgloss & rubbed (the closed tube) on her lips! It was so cute! I didnt capture that actually taking place, but I did get these cute photos once I grabbed the camera!

She then pulled out my wallet & tried to put the lipgloss tube in it!

Then she found where the money was! The one time I actually have cash & she finds it! lol

Trying to put on "lipgloss" with the lotion bottle. lol

Looking for more "toys" in there

Ahhh Mommy's keys! Her favorite!

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