Friday, January 30, 2009


This past Saturday, we picked up some things at Hobby Lobby & David decided to buy Rylie her first coloring book & set of crayons. He bought her the big fat crayons she can hold easily.
Monday afternoon, I decided to let her color a pretty picture for Daddy. Previously, at restaurants or whatever, she'd be given crayons & only tried to eat them. This time she did pretty well. She understood if she pressed them on the paper & moved her hand around, it made marks. She still tried to eat them occassionally though! It was fun overall!

"Hmm....what should I draw next?"

"Aw! Yellow! Alright!"

"I'm done! This was fun, Mommy!"

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Becca said...

So Cute!! Kendall LOVES to color too. There must have been a special on coloring books at HL. I bought Kendall a V-day coloring book and JUMBO crayons there Thursday!! Small World!