Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Month Dr Appointment

Rylie had her 15 month dr appointment today (she turned 15 months old today as well). After waiting 45 minutes to get called back, she was surprisingly all smiles! Um....until the nurse came in. She was more terrified today of the nurse & her doctor. She clinged to my arm so strongly & screamed bloody murder when they wanted to take her temperature or lay down to see inside her mouth. Then came the shots! These were the hardest ones yet! She only got 2 & usually once the nurse leaves, Rylie calms down & I can get her dressed. Not this time! She was still screaming bloody murder, all just out of anger, for minutes after the nurse left. I had a hard time getting her dressed. Once we walked back to the front though she was ok & got a pretty sticker again. Overall it was a good appointment. Here are her stats from today: weight-20 lbs 8 oz (20%), height-31 1/2 in (80%!!), head-46 1/4 cm (70%). She lost a few ounces 2 weeks ago when she got those 5 teeth in at once & didnt eat much, but she's had an increased appetite lately so she should put on more weight soon!

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The Pifer's said...

I love her big grin!!!! She is adorable!