Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Things you didn't know

Here are 10 fun things I'll bet you didnt know about David, myself, or Rylie!

1. Our family actually began on February 11, 2007 when we found out we were pregnant! I actually took a home test the week before & it was negative. I waited a week & took another (on Feb. 11) and it was positive. We waited to tell everyone until our first doctor's appointment on March 6, 2007 to make sure we had a healthy pregnancy & accurate due date. I was due October 24, 2007 & Rylie arrived 5 days sooner. Best day of our lives!

2. Ashlee-I'm completely terrified of the ocean! I love to look at it, but the idea of an entire world completely underwater with specifies not yet discovered terrifies me!
David-First went to college to become a history teacher but switched majors after 2 years to communications, the degree he graduated with.
Rylie-Absolutely loves music! She still listens to a Baby Einstein CD in her room every night at bedtime. When we're in the car going somewhere & have her Kindermusik songs playing, she's silent!

3. Ashlee-Complete neatfreak! I cannot think straight in a messy room. Everything has it's place & I'll notice if something is moved just 2 inches!
David-Can do a perfect Forrest Gump impression! He gets told all the time too that he looks like Tom Hanks!
Rylie-She is "learning" to share right now. She started off good when I asked her to hand me something, she'd proudly give it over. Now she starts to & then takes it back real quick.

4.Ashlee-I actually still have my 1st doll I got when I was not even 1 year old. She is a cabbage-patch doll that I named Casper when I was little. Casper went with me to Disneyworld on my Senior class trip in HIGH SCHOOL. haha Casper was at my wedding & went with us to Atlantis on our honeymoon! Casper sits in my room now & Rylie's obsessed with her!

David-He had straight, blonde hair when he was little! I wish I had a picture to scan in here. Can you believe it though looking at his wavy black hair now?! Who knows what Rylie will have as she gets older!
Rylie-Hiccuped everyday in my belly when I was pregnant with her. Alllll day long! lol

5.Ashlee-Always dreamed of being a gymnast when I was little. I used to take gymnastics in Dover, Delaware with my sister. I was obsessed with watching competitions & had all my favorite athletes pictures in my locker in jr high.
David-Has the weakest stomach ever! He absolutely cannot empty Rylie's diaper champ. He can barely take out the trash, wash the dishes, or change Rylie's diaper without almost barfing. He gags at everything too.
Rylie-Loves the water! She's never hated her baths since the day she was born! The first time she swam, she fell asleep! haha

6.Ashlee-I still to this day cannot believe I'm a mom. Rylie's bout 15 months old now & it still amazes me everyday!
David-Cannot finish a movie without falling asleep! He tries so hard most of the time too! Unless it's early in the day, you can expect him Zzzzz'd out before the credits roll!
Rylie-Absolutely hates snuggling. She will not give hugs now or be close to anybody without pushing them away. Breaks our hearts!

7.Ashlee-Am a night person. I hate mornings & no matter how tired I am, I usually "wake up" when nighttime comes. It takes me forever to fall asleep because of it, even without caffeine during the day, I have to unwind for at least an hour before I can sleep.
David-Cried when Rylie was born. He was so happy & I was in so much shock. He just broke down & kept repeating "She's here! She's here!" It was the sweetest thing! I'm so lucky!
Rylie-Is a total morning/breakfast person. She is so excited when I go in her room in the mornings. She's always standing there in bed, waiting patiently & waving at me as I open the door.

8.Ashlee-Prefer baking to cooking. I'll always choose cookies over cooked chicken any time! Sometimes when I'm bored, I just whip up some brownies for the heck of it.
David-Would eat yellow cake with chocolate icing every day if he could! It's his absolute favorite!
Rylie-Loves to be "chased!" She's started running now with her push toys (although still not walking fully on her own) & just stands there waiting for us to come after her. She has a cute little run-crawl she does too!

9.Ashlee-I can do a perfect "Janice-from-FRIENDS" impression. Ya know the annoying voice "Ohhhh myyyy Gooood!" and then the annoying laugh? Yeah, I used to tease my brother with that in HS.
David-Is obsessed with Blistex & Chapstick. He has like 3 of them in his car, his nightstand, bathroom sink, office drawer, & pockets EACH. He's always putting that stuff on & goes through it like crazy.
Rylie-Has nightmares. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night just screaming & as soon as I pick her up, she's fine & goes right back to sleep. She's done that since she was born. Poor baby!

10.Ashlee-Always dreamed of visiting San Francisco! I used to think I'd get a job at an ad agency & buy a condo there when I was younger, but for now I just wanna take a "grownup" vacation there with David & maybe some friends & do wine tasting, see the bridge, ride a trolly, tour Ghirardelli, etc. Someday!
David-Favorite show is Desperate Housewives. Our Sunday night ritual is dinner in front of TV & that show on HD! We never miss an episode!
Rylie-Has a huge red birthmark on the back of her neck. Her hair now covers it, but hopefully it'll fade more or else she'll never want to wear her hair up when she gets older.

Hope you enjoyed this fun posting! Just something a little different!

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