Saturday, January 31, 2009


As of Friday night, Rylie's considered a walker now! I still dont consider her a "full-time" walker though. Its just my opinion (as her Mommy, I'm allowed to have that), but I consider Rylie being a full-time walker when she'll be walking all the time & no more crawling, like most of her friends now. I cant wait for her to be at the level where I can take her outta her carseat & set her down to stand next to me & hold my hand to walk into places. We're very very close to being there now! Friday evening, she was walking all over our house! She was even running a little, since she's been running with her push toy for forever! We took lots of video that I'll post later. Then she stayed at Mimi's house Friday night & showed them her new tricks & all Saturday morning walked around Mimi's house. I give it 2 weeks until we're full time!

PS I added an "after" picture of Jaiden below to the Woodlands post. Lots of people had requested to see him without the curls, so Laurie, just so you know, everybody loves your son! hehe

Friday, January 30, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Rylie had a playdate today. She invited 3 friends over, 2 could make it. It was so much fun! It's really great getting her around other kids & learning the "sharing" thing since she's an only child. And gives her more "kid" time too instead of just playing with me all day, every day. They're really getting to the age of actually playing with others So these playdates are important for her to have occassionally. She sees her friends walking & then she gets up & walks with them as well! Lots of fun this morning! Thanks guys for coming over!

Savannah, Reese, Rylie

They also played outside on Rylie's slide too but I didnt have my camera with me-darnit!

Mommy's Taste!

Rylie definitely has her Mommy's taste on a lot of things! One of them is her love of purses! Everytime she sees my purse sitting within reach, she has to raid it! Even if I leave an empty purse on the floor, she finds it fascinating! lol This morning, she saw me put my lipgloss on & then toss it in my purse. She then went over to it, got out the lipgloss & rubbed (the closed tube) on her lips! It was so cute! I didnt capture that actually taking place, but I did get these cute photos once I grabbed the camera!

She then pulled out my wallet & tried to put the lipgloss tube in it!

Then she found where the money was! The one time I actually have cash & she finds it! lol

Trying to put on "lipgloss" with the lotion bottle. lol

Looking for more "toys" in there

Ahhh Mommy's keys! Her favorite!


On Thursday, we went with some neighbor friends to the Woodlands area (bout a 45 minute drive). They have some stores we dont have near us & I'd been wanting to go for awhile to get some things, but I never wanted to go alone. We were invited to go with our friends as they took their son to get his first haircut at this nifty kids hair salon.So we go there & our friends took their son to get his pictures taken before all his adorable curls got cut off (yes, cut off! lol so sad!). While they did that, I went ahead & got some stuff for David & Rylie that they needed & met up with our friends. Then we all grabbed lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It's the closest location, so whenever we're in that neighborhood, we like to take advantage of it & eat there! It was sooooo good!

The yummy anniversary edition cheesecake I had-DELICIOUS!

Rylie & Jaiden holding hands at lunch! SO CUTE!

Then it was time for the haircut! Jaiden was such a big boy! His parents were so cute filming & taking pictures. It was the coolest salon too! We'll probably take Rylie there for her first like 2 years! lol

Rylie with Jaiden...before the curls were cut off

Getting his new 'do! Me & David will be the SAME WAY when it's time for Rylie's 1st cut-video & pics of everything!

After photo without the curls!

The hair salon was right by the carousel in the mall there so we took the kiddos for a ride on that afterwards & then came on home! It was a very fun & successful day! I'm so thankful for awesome neighbors to do fun stuff with!

Big Steps

On Wednesday night, Rylie walked the entire width of our kitchen. She would kinda lose her balance & squat down to prevent herself from falling & then stand right back up & take more steps. The most she did between falls was 8 steps but she did so well! We're on the right track!

Spring Session!

Rylie started her Spring session of Kindermusik on Tuesday. This class is a bit smaller than the Fall/Winter class. I prefer the smaller classes & I'm glad to see lots of our friends returning! Although, pretty much every other kid in the class is walking & Rylie's only taking a few steps, she's getting good influence from them! She also has a new boyfriend ;-)

"Wait! I have an idea!"

Rylie & her cutie new boyfriend. He crawled after her the entire class & she loved it! She kept looking back to see if he was chasing her. Then she tried to give him a kiss later! His mom said it looks like love! haha


This past Saturday, we picked up some things at Hobby Lobby & David decided to buy Rylie her first coloring book & set of crayons. He bought her the big fat crayons she can hold easily.
Monday afternoon, I decided to let her color a pretty picture for Daddy. Previously, at restaurants or whatever, she'd be given crayons & only tried to eat them. This time she did pretty well. She understood if she pressed them on the paper & moved her hand around, it made marks. She still tried to eat them occassionally though! It was fun overall!

"Hmm....what should I draw next?"

"Aw! Yellow! Alright!"

"I'm done! This was fun, Mommy!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

A walk in crazy weather

Last Thursday (I know I skipped a few days lol) Rylie & Kendall were on their usual walk to the store. I ended up getting Rylie some Golden Grahams for a snack & my friend Becca (Kendall's mom) took some cute pictures of them!

Kendall was interested in Rylie's snack. Yes, Rylie did share!

Now you might think it's odd that Rylie's in a dress like it's hot outside & Kendall's in a hoodie & pants like it's cold, but let me explain for some of you viewers who dont understand Texas weather-they're both dressed just right for that day. See lately it's been really cold in the morning, very warm in the mid & later part of the day, and then very cool again in the evenings. Rylie actually had on leggings under that dress earlier that day (see in the playdate pics with Reese below) and I took them off for her to nap. When we went out for our walk it was pretty warm, but by the time our walk was ending, it got pretty windy again & cool out so Rylie & I had to rush on home so her little legs wouldnt be cold.
It's very difficult picking out clothes for her now. We used to pick out her clothes the night before but then I always ended up putting her in a sweater on a 70 degree day & short sleeve on a 60 degree day. So now we wait until the morning to see what the actual temperature is at the time we're going out to decide what to wear. Aint Texas weather grand?!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Rylie Updates

Since I dont do monthly updates on her anymore, I decided to kinda catch myself up on some things she's doing lately....
*Blowing kisses
*Waving "hello" & "goodbye" to everybody
*Dinosaur-like shrieking (lol very annoying tho!)
*Taking several steps now on her own, but still not full-time walking
*Gives lots of sugars now
*Points to her nose on request
*Found her belly button & usually points to it when we say "button" hehe
*Looks to Mommy/Daddy when we say "Who's Mommy/Daddy?"
*Remembers where things are (i.e. when she takes her bow off & crawls around & I ask where she put her bow, she crawls back to it, picks it up & gives it to me)
*Hands over things on request ( sometimes she'll then take it back right away)

The Best Date

David got home from Vegas really late Thursday night & worked half the day Friday. He was kind enough to bring souvenirs too! We then decided that it's been long overdo for another family date night! So on Saturday we went to PF Chang's-David, Rylie & myself. It was so good! Rylie was a big hit! As soon as we walked in the restaurant & were seated, she just made herself an entrance waving to everybody in sight & smiling. Everybody at their tables waved back at her & said how cute she was. Of course, we agreed & thanked them. And who knew chopsticks could be so entertaining for a 15 month old? lol

Rylie's like "I know I'm cute!" lol

Me & the best date ever!

Rylie & her Daddy, the other best date ever!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rylie's friend Reese invited her over to play today. They live in our subdivision, attended Kindermusik with us & Rylie's birthday party. Such a cute girl! She was a good influence on Rylie too! Rylie was taking steps all over that place! We cant wait to have them over next! Thanks again for the invite! We had fun!

Playing together so nicely!
Reese had this cute little roller coaster. Rylie loved riding on it. Here's a cute shot with Reese & her mom. I helped Rylie ride on it so there's no picture of her.

Then the girls just wanted to crawl & walk along it!

Reese showed Rylie her Elmo Live!

Slumber Party!

Last night Rylie would not sleep at all. I put her down at her bedtime & had planned on cleaning for awhile since I knew I wouldnt be able to sleep with David still gone. Rylie had other things in mind & I'm kinda glad! I ended up putting her in bed with me at 9:30pm. I didnt plan on getting in bed that early, but I knew she wouldnt calm down & try to sleep without me laying next to her. She fidgeted for quite awhile & tried body-slamming herself on the pillows a few times. She did have some sweet moments though & gave Mommy lots of sugars! Finally a little after 11pm, she passed out....and started snoring. lol I had expected to get up & do a few things after she fell asleep, but by then I was so tired too I followed her quickly into a sound sleep....or so I thought! Rylie tossed & turned allllll night long, kicking me in the face, back & side. At one point, I woke up a little & just stared at her. I couldnt believe how amazingly beautiful she is. She's so peaceful when she sleeps & it was just the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen! Then she decided at 6am, it was playtime! She was crawling back & forth on the bed, laughing hysterically. I was trying to just sleep through all this, and at one point she even gave me sugars with my eyes closed & when I opened them to say "thank you" she just laughed away! Such a sweetie! Then she even softly rubbed my arm. Not long later, she passed out again. Then my stupid alarm (why didnt I turn it off?!) woke her up at 7am & she wasn't going down again! She fussed and fussed and fussed & I knew that was it & we'd needed to just get up. I dont have any pictures of any of this, but I just had to document it so I can look back years from now when she's throwing tantrums & remember this sweetest moment ever with my beautiful daughter. We both spent the majority of the day dead tired though so I dont think we'll do another slumber party for awhile! It made for some nice memories though!

"They're too big, Mom!"

Poor Rylie....her clothes rarely fit her right now. She's too tall for 12 mos clothes but she's not fat enough for 18 mos clothes & that's the sizes most things come in. It's very rare to find 12-18 mos & even then they're mostly a little big too. So I end up having to buy 18 mos clothes & put a belt on the pants & let her shirts be a little big. It's better to have them too big than too small! Poor Rylie was pushing her cart last night with her bear, didnt have a belt on, & lost her britches!

"What's going on with these?"

So she then kicked them off the rest of the way......

...and wanted to hand them to Mommy.

And when I didnt take them, she kicked them away.

Goofy girl!

Bedtime Bully

Every night (and nap time), immediately after we put Rylie in her crib she throws out her froggy on the floor. Then she throws kitty, then princess doll, then that exact order. Every time. Sometimes she then throws out her blanket as well, but most of the time she leaves her cabbage-patch doll in. Then, as soon as we get her up in the morning, she wants them back! We put them back in her bed & she gives them each a hug & kiss. She's such a bully not letting her friends sleep in her bed with her! Poor things gotta sleep on the ground. Here's her bully pictures. She's in the process of throwing the blanket overboard.....


Playtime with Mommy

David left on Tuesday to go to Las Vegas for a business training thingy. His company has a division there & this year it was Las Vegas' turn to host. Rylie & I were sad on Tuesday when he had to leave. We ended up meeting some friends for lunch & then we just played in her playroom for most of the day. It's so amazing seeing the world through her eyes & taking in her perspective of things. I just love watching her learn & discover new things! Here's some cute pictures from our playtime together.

"Want a ducky, Mommy?"

I dont know why everything still ends up in her mouth! lol

Her new mailbox toy she bought with some birthday/Christmas giftcards.

"Here, Mommy. This letter's for you."

Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Month Dr Appointment

Rylie had her 15 month dr appointment today (she turned 15 months old today as well). After waiting 45 minutes to get called back, she was surprisingly all smiles! Um....until the nurse came in. She was more terrified today of the nurse & her doctor. She clinged to my arm so strongly & screamed bloody murder when they wanted to take her temperature or lay down to see inside her mouth. Then came the shots! These were the hardest ones yet! She only got 2 & usually once the nurse leaves, Rylie calms down & I can get her dressed. Not this time! She was still screaming bloody murder, all just out of anger, for minutes after the nurse left. I had a hard time getting her dressed. Once we walked back to the front though she was ok & got a pretty sticker again. Overall it was a good appointment. Here are her stats from today: weight-20 lbs 8 oz (20%), height-31 1/2 in (80%!!), head-46 1/4 cm (70%). She lost a few ounces 2 weeks ago when she got those 5 teeth in at once & didnt eat much, but she's had an increased appetite lately so she should put on more weight soon!

She's so close!

Here's video of Rylie walking with her push toy on Sunday. She can maneuver her way to anywhere when she's pushing this toy! She's now running with it too & loves when David or I chase her. She does a big circle around our stairs basically & we used to have to follow her & get the toy "unstuck" when she'd run into walls but now she knows how to turn it herself to avoid them. She'll do many many circles on her own now everyday. She does really good walking with this thing. If only she'd realize she doesnt need it!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoom Buggy Graduate

Rylie completed the Fall session of Kindermusik yesterday. Her teacher gave her her very 1st Certificate of Completion for it. We'll be returning in 2 weeks for the Spring session! Here's Rylie at her last Fall Kindermusik class....

"I've got my toy for the next part!"

She was looking up at her teacher & clapping for the next part!

Rylie & Jaiden

The walking kids were good influence on her! She kept standing on her own during class, but wouldnt' take any steps. I was amazed she was standing though because she was wearing socks on slippery wood floors! (Her belt came untied too)

She loves that R! Good girl was trying to put it back where it went.

Our little graduate & her teacher!

10 Things you didn't know

Here are 10 fun things I'll bet you didnt know about David, myself, or Rylie!

1. Our family actually began on February 11, 2007 when we found out we were pregnant! I actually took a home test the week before & it was negative. I waited a week & took another (on Feb. 11) and it was positive. We waited to tell everyone until our first doctor's appointment on March 6, 2007 to make sure we had a healthy pregnancy & accurate due date. I was due October 24, 2007 & Rylie arrived 5 days sooner. Best day of our lives!

2. Ashlee-I'm completely terrified of the ocean! I love to look at it, but the idea of an entire world completely underwater with specifies not yet discovered terrifies me!
David-First went to college to become a history teacher but switched majors after 2 years to communications, the degree he graduated with.
Rylie-Absolutely loves music! She still listens to a Baby Einstein CD in her room every night at bedtime. When we're in the car going somewhere & have her Kindermusik songs playing, she's silent!

3. Ashlee-Complete neatfreak! I cannot think straight in a messy room. Everything has it's place & I'll notice if something is moved just 2 inches!
David-Can do a perfect Forrest Gump impression! He gets told all the time too that he looks like Tom Hanks!
Rylie-She is "learning" to share right now. She started off good when I asked her to hand me something, she'd proudly give it over. Now she starts to & then takes it back real quick.

4.Ashlee-I actually still have my 1st doll I got when I was not even 1 year old. She is a cabbage-patch doll that I named Casper when I was little. Casper went with me to Disneyworld on my Senior class trip in HIGH SCHOOL. haha Casper was at my wedding & went with us to Atlantis on our honeymoon! Casper sits in my room now & Rylie's obsessed with her!

David-He had straight, blonde hair when he was little! I wish I had a picture to scan in here. Can you believe it though looking at his wavy black hair now?! Who knows what Rylie will have as she gets older!
Rylie-Hiccuped everyday in my belly when I was pregnant with her. Alllll day long! lol

5.Ashlee-Always dreamed of being a gymnast when I was little. I used to take gymnastics in Dover, Delaware with my sister. I was obsessed with watching competitions & had all my favorite athletes pictures in my locker in jr high.
David-Has the weakest stomach ever! He absolutely cannot empty Rylie's diaper champ. He can barely take out the trash, wash the dishes, or change Rylie's diaper without almost barfing. He gags at everything too.
Rylie-Loves the water! She's never hated her baths since the day she was born! The first time she swam, she fell asleep! haha

6.Ashlee-I still to this day cannot believe I'm a mom. Rylie's bout 15 months old now & it still amazes me everyday!
David-Cannot finish a movie without falling asleep! He tries so hard most of the time too! Unless it's early in the day, you can expect him Zzzzz'd out before the credits roll!
Rylie-Absolutely hates snuggling. She will not give hugs now or be close to anybody without pushing them away. Breaks our hearts!

7.Ashlee-Am a night person. I hate mornings & no matter how tired I am, I usually "wake up" when nighttime comes. It takes me forever to fall asleep because of it, even without caffeine during the day, I have to unwind for at least an hour before I can sleep.
David-Cried when Rylie was born. He was so happy & I was in so much shock. He just broke down & kept repeating "She's here! She's here!" It was the sweetest thing! I'm so lucky!
Rylie-Is a total morning/breakfast person. She is so excited when I go in her room in the mornings. She's always standing there in bed, waiting patiently & waving at me as I open the door.

8.Ashlee-Prefer baking to cooking. I'll always choose cookies over cooked chicken any time! Sometimes when I'm bored, I just whip up some brownies for the heck of it.
David-Would eat yellow cake with chocolate icing every day if he could! It's his absolute favorite!
Rylie-Loves to be "chased!" She's started running now with her push toys (although still not walking fully on her own) & just stands there waiting for us to come after her. She has a cute little run-crawl she does too!

9.Ashlee-I can do a perfect "Janice-from-FRIENDS" impression. Ya know the annoying voice "Ohhhh myyyy Gooood!" and then the annoying laugh? Yeah, I used to tease my brother with that in HS.
David-Is obsessed with Blistex & Chapstick. He has like 3 of them in his car, his nightstand, bathroom sink, office drawer, & pockets EACH. He's always putting that stuff on & goes through it like crazy.
Rylie-Has nightmares. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night just screaming & as soon as I pick her up, she's fine & goes right back to sleep. She's done that since she was born. Poor baby!

10.Ashlee-Always dreamed of visiting San Francisco! I used to think I'd get a job at an ad agency & buy a condo there when I was younger, but for now I just wanna take a "grownup" vacation there with David & maybe some friends & do wine tasting, see the bridge, ride a trolly, tour Ghirardelli, etc. Someday!
David-Favorite show is Desperate Housewives. Our Sunday night ritual is dinner in front of TV & that show on HD! We never miss an episode!
Rylie-Has a huge red birthmark on the back of her neck. Her hair now covers it, but hopefully it'll fade more or else she'll never want to wear her hair up when she gets older.

Hope you enjoyed this fun posting! Just something a little different!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Rylie loves going through the carwash! On Sunday, we decided mine really needed a wash, so we headed through. The guy who took our "order" (I guess you'd call it that) & wrote the code on our windshield was kind enough to also draw a picture for Rylie on her window to watch it get washed away. My dork-self had the camera in my purse!

Her picture on her window

Her picture getting washed away

Her favorite part is the colorful soap being sprayed on....

....then later she got kinda scared of the drying fans

"What's that noise?!"

"Yay! Clean car!"

"I love the carwash!"