Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a pain!

Rylie's got another back tooth in! It's one tooth closer to the front than where her molar would be & this one's on the left side now. We noticed it last night right before bed. This is probably why she hasn't been eating well the past 2 days or sleeping well at night. She goes to sleep fine & then wakes up around 11pm just bursting in tears. I've been bringing her to bed with me & that calms her down & she sleeps propped up on my pillow but then during the night she moves around so much I cannot get any sleep, so I put her back in her bed really early in the morning. I dont want her to get used to sleeping with us (even though it's only been 2 nights) so I'm not going to let her come in our bed anymore, but I hope now that this tooth's in she'll feel better soon!


Becca said...

Poor thing! I hope Rylie is feeling better soon.

I love the family pics and the new blog layout!! It's precious.

**The Allisons!** said...

Poor Rylie! I hope she gets to feeling better soon! It's amazing what we mom's go through for our babies when they're in pain, isn't it?? Hope you get some sleep soon, sweetheart! Blessings!! Merry Christmas!