Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rylie Updates

Thought I'd post a few of her latest updates since I'm not posting monthly blogs on her progresses anymore. She turned 14 months old yesterday & she's made some new conquests since her 1st birthday!

*11th tooth came in this morning, lower right side, 3rd from center
*calls everybody "mama" lol
*wants to feed herself everything!
*takes 1 step alone, but walks all over with her push toy
*has a favorite button she pushes on each toy & remembers which button makes those favorite nosies! it's so cute!
*climbs onto the first step of our stairs, but cant get back down
*if we ask where anything is, she thinks we're asking "where's Rylie" & puts her hands over her eyes to play peek-a-boo....then she wants to play peek-a-boo all day! lol
*she "raises the roof"
*claps anytime she hears "yay" or the word "clap" or other people clapping
*she waves to every single person we come across! lol
*she gets shy sometimes with strangers & squints her eyes & smiles really big & cheesy
*she doesnt do too well with any male holding her that's not her Daddy! she'll let any female hold her though for some reason!
*she "shares" her food now & anything she comes across & picks up, she holds up for me or David, but if we do take if from her, she screams! haha
*she dances any time she hears music, either bounces up & down or sways side to side

She's also ready for Santa to visit in less than a week! =)

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