Sunday, December 28, 2008


Soooo Rylie's extra crankiness & horrible first diaper rash last week has now presented a reason! She has FIVE new teeth within just this past week! :o Last Tuesday, December 23, I noticed 3 of the new teeth in. There were 2 in on the top in the far back, 1 tooth closer than the back molars. There was also one on the bottom, left side, 3rd from center. These 3 were all at the time she was having her first (and horrible) diaper rash! Poor thing was in so much pain! She was having a hard time sleeping at night because it hurt so bad. We got her some great medicine though & it was gone by Christmas day! Then we noticed Christmas day another tooth came in, top & 3rd from center on left side. Then yesterday, we noticed the tip of a fifth tooth, top right side, 3rd from center. Basically now Rylie has 8 teeth on top & 8 teeth on bottom all in the center with no gaps in between now! I can't believe she already has 16 teeth! I'll upload a picture of a recent toothy grin soon!

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