Monday, December 15, 2008

Laundry Woes


I'd never had a problem with color-fasting before we had Rylie. Last year it was every other shirt would bleed colors into everything & I just figured it was the cheap brand at Toys R Us I kept buying, so I stopped buying them. Then it's happened to some other nicer clothes & I'm just frustrated to the max with it all! I wash everything on cold water & even use those Shout color-protection sheets & this still keeps happening! UGH! Sometimes I'll wash something for the first time too & think "Ok, no damages. We're good to go!" Then it'll bleed in the 2nd or 3rd wash! It's only happened once to a Gymboree outfit & they reimbursed me for it & now it's happened to her new Gap shirt. Hopefully they'll reimbuse me as well, but I got this shirt on clearance & doubt there's any left =( It's such a cute shirt too!
Any suggestions on preventing this from happening again? We're already switching from Gain to Tide Coldwater!

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Shelly said...

wow that has happened to 2 of my shirts! its funny bc its the only shirts and they are solid baby blue. i even went back and bought another one bc it was only $5..did it to that shirt too and nothing else! weird coincidence? i think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!