Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Waco

We drove up to Waco on Sunday morning to see my parents & do our Christmas thing with them. First, we met up with my Dad, Karen, sister Sarah & nephew Isaac and exchanged gifts with them! Then, we met up with our friends Vince & Mary & Malia & had lunch. Then we hung out with my Mom & exchanged gifts with her. Then we met our friends Seth & Whitney (hadn't seen them since our going away party back in May!) for dinner before we headed out early. We were so tired when we got home at 10:30 last night! It was a fun, relaxing trip though. Sorry we couldn't meet up with more people! There's only so many hours in a day!

"I gots my favorite toys & I'm good to go!"

"Here you go, Rylie" -Isaac

"Yay! My Little Pony! Thanks guys!"

Yeeeeaah, she didn't like this one at all! lol

Isaac & one of his presents from us-a lego set! He loved it!

Rylie also got a late birthday gift!

Ooooh! Her own cabbage patch doll that looks like her!
Brown hair, blue eyes!

She immediately kissed it! haha

"Yay! I love my new doll! Thanks again!"

Watching TV in the waiting area of Texas Roadhouse with her dinner waiting to be seated.

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