Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Favorites =)

I got this from my friend Malinda's blog! Here's a few of my Christmas favorites!

Fresh tree or fake tree
Fake is definitely better to manage & looks "perfectly" shaped, but you can't beat the smell of a real one & sometimes I prefer to have a non-perfect-looking tree because it makes it more unique!

Favorite Christmas song

"Carol of the Bells" & "Christmas Canon" (both are on my Christmas song tracklist at the bottom of this blog if you wanna hear them!)

Favorite Tradition
Going around & looking at Christmas lights on other people's houses. We've only gone through our neighborhood so far. We usually do the bigger neighborhoods in downtown Houston on Christmas Eve before the church service. We also started a new tradition last year of reading Rylie "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve & then leaving milk & cookies out for Santa.

Favorite Gift Ever Received
Hmm....I dont really remember gifts. Just having my family every year is a blessing! I will say though when I was 5 years old, all I wanted was a Little Mermaid Barbie & that year I got three so at the time I thought that was the best Christmas gift ever. lol

Favorite Memory
All my kid memories are good because Christmas is more "magical" when you're a kid, but I also really enjoyed last year with Rylie's first Christmas & being able to give her an awesome one! It was also pretty cool doing the nativity scene with Rylie as baby Jesus last Christmas Eve.

Favorite Christmas Meal
I dont remember meals either! lol I guess what I'd be craving for Christmas is some yummy mashed potatoes or green beans or asparagus & dinner rolls. Doesn't matter what the main meat served with those sides are!

Favorite Christmas Cookie
My double vanilla delights I made last night-to die for! I ate 2 after dinner tonight ;-)

Favorite Christmas Movie
"The Santa Clause" and "Christmas with the Kranks" I always watch one of those on Thanksgiving & then of course a few more times until Christmas! lol

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