Saturday, November 8, 2008

We Love Kindermusik!

Haha! Are you tired of hearing about Rylie going every week yet? She just loves it so much! Here's last Tuesday's pictures....

Look what Kendall got to do-swing in a towel! Rylie wasn't up for this, but she missed out because Kendall really enjoyed it!

Also, Rylie did 3 new things on Tuesday as well. First, she did so much better in class not wandering off in between activities & participated more than ever. Second, she has started a new wave now. She used to open/close her hand & wave to herself lol but now she does a real wave & it's a prissy-pageant girl one! It's really cute. I'll have to get video soon. Then that evening she learned to drink completely from a straw! She still doesn't like the straw sippys that much because they're heavier, but she'll drink from a cup with a straw.

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