Thursday, November 27, 2008

Troublemakers in music class....

This past Tuesday in Kindermusik, Rylie & Kendall decided to be partners in crime!

Here's Rylie & Kendall crawling away from the class. Kendall crawled right up to her mom's purse & got out her wallet! She's like "Come on, Rylie! Let's go to lunch!" hehe

Then later on Kendall decided to help Rylie out by taking her socks off. Rylie hates wearing socks!

But Rylie still tried putting them back on! Kendall's like "What'd I do?!" lol

Later, Rylie tried to steal the teacher's doll! lol She shouldn't leave that just laying around because later on Kendall had it too! Aside from that, Rylie stayed outta trouble...

PS-Thanks Becca for taking some pics for us!

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