Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too Cool for School!

I was cleaning out Rylie's dresser yesterday morning & found her pink sunglasses that Shelly gave me at my baby shower last summer that Rylie hasn't worn in forever so I decided to put them on her. She kept them on alll morning long! She even left them on for half of Kindermusik! lol

Rylie & Emmery (this was the little girl Rylie played with at her first playdate back in July!)

Rylie & Miss Kendall

Rylie did the hammock today & loved it! In fact, she threw a tantrum when her turn was over. lol Yep, tantrums have begun!

Doin her little bounce. (The shirt's true by the way! "Born a princess")

Playing with the baby in the mirror

Rylie, Jaiden, Kendall patting the drum

Rylie & Kendall picking out some toys....

..then crawling to the same toy lol

Then Rylie crawled to Reese's Mommy after seeing she had a bottle! lol

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