Thursday, November 27, 2008

Santa's Scary!

We took Rylie to the mall last Thursday evening (trying to beat the crowds!) and had her picture taken with Santa! She was so excited before we got there & once David put her down on his lap....HUGE SOBS!! lol I still think it's a cute picture!

(Not good quality picture because I just took a picture of a picture with my camera lol)

We'll try again with Santa when our community does their Christmas event!


grandma williams said...

your pictures are just adorable of Miss Priss! great pictures of you and david too.

Becca said...

Wow! That Santa is scary!! That's not the Santa that I saw before. Poor thing! She hated Santa just as much as Kendall did!!

But, cute pic!! She'll look back and laugh at the Santa pics when she gets older.