Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rachael Ray

I'll be honest, I never really liked Rachael Ray. There was just something about her personality that bugged me when she first came about. It might've been because of a grudge I've had against her because see right after high school I started saving "Betty Crocker Points." I felt so grown up because I was going to save all my points & buy myself a mixer! Well, then Rachel Ray showed up & her face was on every box everywhere I looked & my long-saved "Betty Crocker Points" faded away & out came "Rachael Ray Points." So I never watcher her show, bought her magazine, or anything endorsed by her.
THEN, last Friday Rachael Ray did something truly amazing that will forever put her much higher up in my books!
Ok, see after hurricane Ike struck Houston back in September, 2 of the most beautiful venues for weddings were damaged & forced into bankruptcy. Hundreds of couples lost all their money they'd already paid the venue (the venues offered discounts for people if they paid in full up front, which most of them did). Some of them had no other money at all for their wedding & watched their wedding date come & go. David's mom's coworker was one of the girls (although she still got married back in Oct) and my friend Erin's friend Melanie (whom I met a few months back & she's really sweet!) was another but fortunately her wedding isn't until next summer. I was just so heartbroken for all these couples who'd lost their wedding they'd been dreaming of their whole life! All because 2 venues let their insurance lapse & filed for bankruptcy.
WELL, Rachael Ray heard about what happened to all these couples & decided to do something so amazing! She turned Minute Maid park (home of the Astros!!!) into the biggest wedding site in Texas' history and married 24 of the couples in a huge ceremony there!! The show came on last Friday (and I wouldn't have even known about it had Erin not emailed me-thanks again, Erin!) I watched it last night on the DVR & was bawling! It was so awesome! Rachael Ray paid for everything-wedding gown, tuxedos, food for their guests, decor, even wedding rings, AND managed to get Winona Judd to perform! Then the couples also were given free all-inclusive honeymoons as well! How awesome was that of her to do?! Wow!

Here's part of the show on her website if you want to see more of it.

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