Saturday, November 15, 2008

Perfect Autumn Day

Early this morning, David & I got up to participate in the community-wide garage sale. We did great! We reached our goal plus $4 more! haha The weather was so perfect, clear blue skies & the trees just looked more Fall-ish today with more orange & red leaves. It was soooo cold this morning too! We actually got to wear sweaters & jackets. It was about 50 degrees plus 15-20 mph winds. That made keeping everything on the table "fun." We decided to close up at 9am since we'd sold bout everything. Then we decided since we're already up & ready to go we'd just wake Rylie up & all go out for breakfast. It was yummy! Then we went to the mall where we saw SANTA IS HERE! We're going to bring Rylie back at another time & get her picture taken with him. Then we grabbed a small lunch & did our grocery shopping, where we bought our Thanksgiving turkey! I'm so excited! This is our first turkey to buy! We came home & crashed! lol We've rented a movie & tonight's family movie night with chili & cornbread. I LOVE AUTUMN!

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