Monday, November 24, 2008

Dr Visit-Rylie Update

I took Rylie to get her 2nd flu shot today & check her weight. She's still right under 20 lbs, coming in at 19lbs 15 oz. I think we're just going to turn her carseat around already. They didn't say anything to me today about waiting any longer. She eats all she's supposed to! She did lose a little weight after her 12 mos dr appt because the shots they gave her left an on/off fever for a week.
Also, a correction to a previous post. It wasn't her molar that came in, it's one tooth closer to the front. Since she was crying after her shot today & had her mouth open wider than usual, we could see it better & the nurse said it's just one of the back teeth.
Tomorrow's Kindermusik!

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