Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Wow! What fun it was this morning joining the crowds at various stores! David was awesome & took Rylie out for a "Daddy-Daughter" day while I snagged some deals. I left at 8:30 this morning & there was no traffic! It was awesome! I got a front parking spot at Target, shopped there for an hour-still catching those specials from the catalog (last ones left though!), and even got a short check-out line! Then the crowds really came! I made my way next door to Kohl's here & there was a rush! I waited in the check-out line for a good 40 minutes I'm sure. It was worth it though for the prices I paid on those gifts! The toy store was really the most packed & by the time I made it over there, it was around lunchtime but I still got some great deals. Then I grabbed lunch & came on home! The hardest part though with Black Friday shopping is finding a place to hide all the gifts! haha I feel like Christmas season has really kicked off now!! We're going to decorate our house today (well, the rest of it. We already have a wreath & 2 little trees by our front door) & we gotta find a Christmas tree this weekend! =) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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