Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Wow! What fun it was this morning joining the crowds at various stores! David was awesome & took Rylie out for a "Daddy-Daughter" day while I snagged some deals. I left at 8:30 this morning & there was no traffic! It was awesome! I got a front parking spot at Target, shopped there for an hour-still catching those specials from the catalog (last ones left though!), and even got a short check-out line! Then the crowds really came! I made my way next door to Kohl's here & there was a rush! I waited in the check-out line for a good 40 minutes I'm sure. It was worth it though for the prices I paid on those gifts! The toy store was really the most packed & by the time I made it over there, it was around lunchtime but I still got some great deals. Then I grabbed lunch & came on home! The hardest part though with Black Friday shopping is finding a place to hide all the gifts! haha I feel like Christmas season has really kicked off now!! We're going to decorate our house today (well, the rest of it. We already have a wreath & 2 little trees by our front door) & we gotta find a Christmas tree this weekend! =) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Santa's Scary!

We took Rylie to the mall last Thursday evening (trying to beat the crowds!) and had her picture taken with Santa! She was so excited before we got there & once David put her down on his lap....HUGE SOBS!! lol I still think it's a cute picture!

(Not good quality picture because I just took a picture of a picture with my camera lol)

We'll try again with Santa when our community does their Christmas event!

A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everybody had a safe one! Ours was amazing. It was so nice having me & David off work today for the first time in 4 years to spend it with family! We hosted this year at our house & Dave's mom, her boyfriend Craig, & Dave's brother Daniel all came over. It was fun cooking all the food too! My favorite part was decorating the table.

David cooking away in the kitchen.....

Mimi enjoying some Rylie time...

The bird is done!!! It was YUMMY!!!

I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would. I was too busy having fun! After we ate, David & I watched "Christmas with the Kranks" while everyone else watched football & Rylie napped. Then we served pies & chatted until Rylie got up. We pushed her in her little car for awhile & said hi to the neighbors putting up Christmas lights. Then we had to say goodbye to our guests. Thanks again for coming & we had a great day! We all have so much to be thankful for!

Troublemakers in music class....

This past Tuesday in Kindermusik, Rylie & Kendall decided to be partners in crime!

Here's Rylie & Kendall crawling away from the class. Kendall crawled right up to her mom's purse & got out her wallet! She's like "Come on, Rylie! Let's go to lunch!" hehe

Then later on Kendall decided to help Rylie out by taking her socks off. Rylie hates wearing socks!

But Rylie still tried putting them back on! Kendall's like "What'd I do?!" lol

Later, Rylie tried to steal the teacher's doll! lol She shouldn't leave that just laying around because later on Kendall had it too! Aside from that, Rylie stayed outta trouble...

PS-Thanks Becca for taking some pics for us!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our little pumpkin pie

This was supposed to be her Thanksgiving outfit, but the shirt is still way too big. So I bought her another fall outfit to wear tomorrow. Yes, I know that bow is way too big! I didn't make it. My neighbor said she had the pumpkin decal & had a friend who could make Rylie a bow to match her shirt. Well, even after my neighbor told her not to make the bow as big as her normal ones because Rylie's very small, this was what I got! Since I'd already paid $6 for this bow, she was gonna wear it! It looked better later on after I positioned it differently though. Still, I think she looks like a cute pumpkin pie! She's already sweet enough to be!

Morning Sunshine!

Don't you just love her morning hair? She looked so cute yesterday eating her breakfast, I had to take a picture! Oh & yes, she's wearing "big girl" nightgowns now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dr Visit-Rylie Update

I took Rylie to get her 2nd flu shot today & check her weight. She's still right under 20 lbs, coming in at 19lbs 15 oz. I think we're just going to turn her carseat around already. They didn't say anything to me today about waiting any longer. She eats all she's supposed to! She did lose a little weight after her 12 mos dr appt because the shots they gave her left an on/off fever for a week.
Also, a correction to a previous post. It wasn't her molar that came in, it's one tooth closer to the front. Since she was crying after her shot today & had her mouth open wider than usual, we could see it better & the nurse said it's just one of the back teeth.
Tomorrow's Kindermusik!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Apple of Our Eyes

We'd been dying to take Rylie to the front of our neighborhood & get some good Autumn shots of her. We were finally able to tonight just as the sun was going down. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. She was a very good model tonight too & stayed in one place...pretty much. I couldn't just pick a few to post, so I posted pretty much all of them. lol This'll have to get you all through until I post our new family photos & Rylie's Christmas ones. Sorry you'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving for those! They look amazing though, trust me!

Some ducks waddled on over to say hi! I felt bad we didn't have any bread for them =(

Walking with Daddy over to the next spot...

....then Rylie decided to stand on her own for awhile!

Her loves her Daddy! =)


Rylie finally got her first molar in! It's her left one & we noticed it Friday evening. She'd been drooling for awhile so we knew it would be any minute. It's about time another tooth came through!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rachael Ray

I'll be honest, I never really liked Rachael Ray. There was just something about her personality that bugged me when she first came about. It might've been because of a grudge I've had against her because see right after high school I started saving "Betty Crocker Points." I felt so grown up because I was going to save all my points & buy myself a mixer! Well, then Rachel Ray showed up & her face was on every box everywhere I looked & my long-saved "Betty Crocker Points" faded away & out came "Rachael Ray Points." So I never watcher her show, bought her magazine, or anything endorsed by her.
THEN, last Friday Rachael Ray did something truly amazing that will forever put her much higher up in my books!
Ok, see after hurricane Ike struck Houston back in September, 2 of the most beautiful venues for weddings were damaged & forced into bankruptcy. Hundreds of couples lost all their money they'd already paid the venue (the venues offered discounts for people if they paid in full up front, which most of them did). Some of them had no other money at all for their wedding & watched their wedding date come & go. David's mom's coworker was one of the girls (although she still got married back in Oct) and my friend Erin's friend Melanie (whom I met a few months back & she's really sweet!) was another but fortunately her wedding isn't until next summer. I was just so heartbroken for all these couples who'd lost their wedding they'd been dreaming of their whole life! All because 2 venues let their insurance lapse & filed for bankruptcy.
WELL, Rachael Ray heard about what happened to all these couples & decided to do something so amazing! She turned Minute Maid park (home of the Astros!!!) into the biggest wedding site in Texas' history and married 24 of the couples in a huge ceremony there!! The show came on last Friday (and I wouldn't have even known about it had Erin not emailed me-thanks again, Erin!) I watched it last night on the DVR & was bawling! It was so awesome! Rachael Ray paid for everything-wedding gown, tuxedos, food for their guests, decor, even wedding rings, AND managed to get Winona Judd to perform! Then the couples also were given free all-inclusive honeymoons as well! How awesome was that of her to do?! Wow!

Here's part of the show on her website if you want to see more of it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Bunny!

Today's our first REAL cold day-supposed to be high of 59. (You guys up there in Ohio probably think that's warm!) I was very excited to put Rylie in her new jacket for winter! She looks like a cute snow bunny!

A big toofy grin! =)

PS We also had to go buy her very 1st belt the other day because her waist is so tiny! I still haven't gotten any cute pictures of it yet, but it's adorable! Hopefully I can post some soon!

Playtime Fun!

Kendall & Becca stopped by yesterday afternoon to drop some things off & our little ones were playing in the living room while we were talking. They were just being so cute together, we had to get some pictures!

She's on her way....

Also 2 nights ago, Rylie really started walking by herself with her walk-behind toy. This was the 1st day she'd done it so much on her own. I'd been following her all day trying to get video of it & finally that night I got it!

We've got trouble ahead!!

The other night after dinner Rylie & I were in the living room & she just up & decided to take her clothes off! She managed to get her britches off (they were a little big so it wasn't hard) & then only managed to get her shirt halfway off. Here's a cute picture Daddy snapped of our little trouble-maker, messy-haired & everything!

Concert Pianist

Rylie bought this little piano with a giftcard she got for her birthday. This is video of her showing off. She always gets the song going & then "dances" (bounces up & down). This video she's showing everybody she can play the piano sitting down, standing up, while doing the splits, while crawling, and even with her foot & mouth! lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stubborn Girl!

We're still working on Rylie walking on her own. She'll pull herself to standing & cruise all along, and even stand on her own, but will not take a step. She won't even let us hold her hands & have her walk. She hates having her hands touched (or cleaned) and wants to do it all on her own. This is what she does when we try to put her down to stand....


I swear we're not torturing her, but she throws the biggest fit & pulls her legs up & refuses to stand when we put her down. Hopefully we'll get this walking thing down by Christmas!

Kindermusik + back pains = less fun

I've had a really really painful back for about a week now. It has gotten better but I didn't even think about how it would hurt during Rylie's Kindermusik class yesterday. We're constantly holding our kids & flying them through the air & leaning forward to push them in baskets & bouncing them up & down.....all painful for a very sore back. Luckily Jaiden's Dad was there with his mom so he helped with Rylie a lot, as did her teacher. I did get these cute pics of the kiddos in the beginning (before Jaiden got there though).