Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat!

Rylie was such a cute ladybug tonight! She did so good too-didn't fidgit with her costume at all or try pulling it off. We took her down our street & saw her friends for a little while. Then we came home & handed out our candy while David made us dinner-grilled steaks (Mmmmm!) Rylie got lots of candy! I think it was an excellent 1st "official" Halloween for her. She got lots of compliments in her costume!

Rylie & her friends Raegan & Josh

Rylie & her twin Kendall lol
(We really never told each other what costumes our girls would wear & they ended up with the exact same one! Great minds think alike!)

"Trick or treat, please?"

"Oh yeah! Look at all this candy I got!"


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Too Cute said...

Our little ladies were so cute in their costumes!!