Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She was hot!

Rylie always gives me goodnight hug & sugars before David gives her a bath every night & tuckers her in. Last night though I wanted to peek in on her sleeping. I found her sleeping on her belly with her pj shirt completely off of her, turned inside out, & laying next to her. I couldn't help but laugh! How in the world did she get her pj shirt off? She never even made a peep once David put her in bed (could hear on the baby monitor.) She woke up when she heard me laughing & just gave me this goofy face like "Look at me, Mommy! Look what I did!" I kept laughing & took her downstairs to show David. Then I tried putting her shirt back on her, which she then just pulled right back off. She refused to put it back on. So I gave up & let her sleep without her shirt on & just pj bottoms. Of course she woke up this morning cold & wanted to snuggle with me. Baby books have a line to put when a child first dresses themselves. Maybe they should have one too for when they first undress themselves!
(No pictures lately. I've been in a funk & haven't pulled the camera out in days =( Sorry!)

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