Monday, October 20, 2008

Rylie's 1st Birthday Party

The time had finally come! All our planning had finally paid off. Rylie's party turned out better than we imagined! It just all fell into place & turned out great! She was so good all day & thankful for all her friends/family for being there. Her party was 2 hrs long-perfect length! In that time we ate lunch, the kiddos bounced in the moonwalk, we did a pinata, and of course Rylie dug into her cake! Then she got very sleepy & it was her nap time so we handed out favor bags to the kiddos & Rylie took a nap. Once she got up, we gave her a snack & she opened her presents. Then her, me, David, my mom & sister all went out & bounced in the moonwalk some more before heading out to dinner! We took my mom & sister to Joe's Crab Shack & the waiters sang the "short & sweet version" of Happy Birthday by kneeling down on one knee & softly singing it to her so she wouldn't get scared by the crowd around her. It was sooo adorable! All the other guests were "awww-ing" at her. Then we got home & put her to bed. It really was an excellent day. There's too many pictures to post them all on here, so I only posted the best one & if you scroll down on the sidebar there's a new photo album for her birthday pictures & they are all posted there! Enjoy! =)

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